Four signals remind us to change the water filter!

Household water purifiers need to be replaced with water purifier filters after long-term use, but those who are not working in household water purifiers do not know when to replace the filter cartridges. And many after-sales personnel just tell us the life of the water purifier filter, because it is not clear about the local water quality, and can not give a certain filter replacement time. So how do we judge whether we need to replace the water purifier filter? Xiao Bian reminds everyone that when the water purifier gives us these four signals, it needs to replace the water purifier filter.

First: the water purifier water becomes smaller. Under the same conditions (such as the same water pressure and water temperature), the water purifier produces less water. Then it is very likely that the filter element is blocked. If the water purifier filter is close to its service life, then the new filter element needs to be replaced with the water purifier.

Second: RO reverse osmosis water purifiers make water too fast. The water purifier has a phenomenon that the water is obviously accelerated. This situation is generally caused by the damage of the RO membrane. At this time, we have to replace the new RO membrane, otherwise the water purifier will completely lose the filtering function.

Third: the water purifier has a poor taste. This is because the water purifier filter filters too much impurities and bacteria, and it takes too long to accumulate at the filter element, causing secondary pollution to tap water. This is also telling us that we need to replace the filter.

Fourth: The water purifier is estimated to have reached 80% of the service life of the filter. The service life of the filter element is an ideal period for the use of the water purifier filter. We all know that there is a gap between ideal and reality. In fact, in the community where water pollution is serious, the filter can't be used for such a long time. It is not recommended that you wait until the filter element expires before changing the water quality. We generally replace when the filter life is about 80% of its ideal life.

We can use these four methods to determine whether to replace the water purifier filter. If the filter element is far apart from the ideal period, then we only need to clean the filter element. Frequent cleaning of the filter element of the water purifier helps to extend the life of the water purifier filter. In addition, remind everyone that the replacement of the water purifier filter is best to use the same brand of the same type of filter, if it is difficult to find the same model, you can buy a universal water purifier filter to replace.

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