Six tips for maintenance of champion tiles to protect fragile porcelain

A good way to preserve porcelain

All of the collectors in the collecting world have some ceramic art in their possession. Whether it is a national treasure that is hard to find at sky-high prices or exquisite ordinary crafts, they are the treasures of all Tibetan friends and they are always very cherished. Therefore, the maintenance of artworks is also a more important subject.

There are different types of artworks and different maintenance methods. For example, jadeware is afraid of oil, porcelain is afraid of movement, copperware is afraid of rust, and painting and calligraphy are afraid of tide. For fragile porcelain, there are roughly six maintenance rules as follows.

1. When moving large plates, large bowls, etc., hold it with both hands, or use the thumb of one hand and the two middle fingers to hold the edge, and the four fingers and palm of the other hand support the bottom. Avoid holding one side of the plate or bowl with one hand to prevent it from breaking.

2. When transporting large bottles, cans, etc., one should not hold the neck of a hand-held utensil, but should hold the neck with one hand and the bottom with the other hand to prevent the original spliced ​​parts from separating; When using porcelain such as bottles, jars, and statues, do not just lift the ears to avoid breaking and damage.

3. When picking and placing the porcelain sculpture of a figure, be careful of the delicate parts such as the beard, hair and fingers of the figure; at the same time, when carrying the utensils, do not hold the figure’s head with one hand, but with the other hand. Support the character's body with one hand.

4. Thin vessels, such as porcelain paintings and Liling underglazes, are thin, light, and delicate. When moving and placing them, hold them with both hands. Avoid using one hand, especially the bottle. The base is small and the length is high. Windproof.

5. When picking and placing the bottle ware with a seat and a lid, you cannot attach the lid with the seat to the socket end. Instead, the seat, lid, and main body should be placed separately to prevent falling off and breaking when moving; when meeting multiple people for identification and appreciation , You must come one by one, don't pass the porcelain hand-in-hand by two people, in case you miss it and break it.

6. When dust and stains appear on porcelain (such as porcelain paintings, etc.), wipe it gently with a soft cloth, and do not use cloth with too high hardness or other items to force decontamination to avoid scratching the glaze of the porcelain.

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