Is the Hedgehog rosewood the national standard redwood?

With the inclusion of CITES in the Hedgehog rosewood, the domestic discussion on the Hedgehog rosewood is getting more and more enthusiastic. What is the Hedgehog rosewood? Is it International Redwood? I believe that many people do not know much about Hedgehog rosewood, so the following small series explains for you that Hedgehog rosewood is an international rosewood?


What is Hedgehog Rosewood

Hedgehog rosewood: Pterocarpus erinaceus Poir. (Fabaceae Leguminosae Pterocarpus) Trees and distribution: trees, up to 30m high, breast diameter 0.6~0.9m. It is mainly produced in tropical African countries such as Senegal and Guinea-Bissau.


Macroscopic structural features: loose pore materials, semi-annular pore materials tend to be obvious. Heartwood is purple-brown or red-brown, often with dark stripes. The growth wheel is slightly obvious or obvious. The tube hole is inside the growth wheel and visible under the naked eye, with few to slightly less. The axial thin-walled tissue is visible or visible under the magnifying glass, and is mainly wing-shaped, poly-winged and banded. Obvious under the wooden ray magnifying glass. Wave marks are visible. Sawdust water leaching is yellow-green to light blue. The aroma is not or very weak; the structure is fine; the texture is staggered.


Microstructural features: the main pipe is a single pipe hole, a few diameters of the complex pipe hole (mostly 2~3), scattered; 2~7/mm2; some pipe holes contain red gum, the maximum chord diameter is 290μm, average 177 μm. The inter-tube pattern is inter-column, which is attached to the pattern hole; the single-perforation, the tube-to-ray pattern is similar to the tube-to-tube pattern. The axial thin-walled tissue is wing-shaped, poly-winged, and banded (mostly 2 to 5 cells wide); the compartment contains crystal cells, and the part is slightly enlarged; The wood fiber wall is thin to thick and stacked. Wood ray 12~15 pieces/mm; stacked. Single-row ray (even two columns), 3 to 10 cells high, and ray tissue in the same shape.


What is mahogany?

According to national standards, the scope of “Redwood” is determined to be 5 genera, 8 categories and 33 major varieties. 5 genera are named after the genus of tree science, namely, genus Pterocarpus, Dalbergia, Diospyros, genus and iron knives. Wood genus. Class 8 is named after the trade name of wood, namely rosewood, rosewood, fragrant wood, black rosewood, red rosewood, ebony, striped ebony and wenge At the same time, mahogany refers to the heartwood of these 5 genera and 8 types of wood. The heartwood refers to the center of the tree and the part without life cells.


Summary: From the above international mahogany extension map, it can be seen that the hedgehog rosewood is one of the international redwoods.

The above is the Hedgehog rosewood brought by Xiaobian is an article of international mahogany. I hope to help you. More information is available at GO Jiaju.

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