Does the kitchen need a waterproof layer?

The kitchen and bathroom at home have relatively high humidity, and the bathroom generally needs a waterproof layer. So does the kitchen need a waterproof layer? Let's understand it together.

The kitchen needs a waterproof layer. In fact, the kitchen is also a space with a lot of water. There will be regular water on the ground. If waterproofing is not done, the water may flow into the wall through the gaps in the wall and cause leakage. Moreover, if the drain pipe of the floor drain is blocked, it will cause water on the ground, which will cause the water to pass through the cement layer and also leak.

The kitchen is a relatively humid area, and occasionally there will be splashing water droplets or stains on the ground, and even a small area of ​​water, but in daily use, the waterproofing is idle for 99% of the time, and it has evaporated before it can penetrate downstairs. Unless the kitchen floor is soaked with water, the possibility of water infiltrating downstairs is extremely small. But it is still recommended to make a waterproof layer in the kitchen.

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