How TSA Senior Professionals' Recruitment Improves the Speed ​​of Security Inspection

According to a compilation report by the US "World Daily", when traveling abroad, many travelers complain that the airport security is too slow. According to the advice of senior professionals, it is best not to wear five types of clothing. When passing the security check at the airport, you should also remember some tips to avoid Slow down the entire team.

According to many years of work experience of a senior professional of the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA), he suggested that it is best not to wear these clothes at the airport security check, otherwise the security check time will be extended and the entire team will be slowed down. The five categories of clothing include:

1. Long skirts and dresses

When wearing long skirts and dresses, they will definitely be carefully checked by the airport security staff. If you resist the security staff holding the scanning stick on your body, back and forth, up and down, do n’t wear this skirt, because this long skirt It is "too suspicious" for security personnel, not sure what will be hidden under the skirt, you can wait for the security check before changing it.

2. Metal hairpin:

Many people do not understand why small hairpins are in trouble when they go through security at the airport? If you wear some small metal hair clips on your head, it is very likely to trigger the metal detector, which will lengthen the inspection time. It is recommended to tie the hair simply after the security check. The metal hair clips should be removed first and then worn after the security check.

3. Multi-pocket pants:

Although multi-pocket pants are fashionable and chic, they are not the best choice for security screening. Each pocket is a hidden worry for security personnel. Airport security personnel will constantly pat your various pockets for inspection, and some people Usually because there are too many pockets, I forgot to take out the lighter or the key. It is recommended to wear loose track pants. Not only will this trouble be less, but it will also be more comfortable when flying.

4. Metal bracelets and necklaces:

When traveling, wearing bracelets and necklaces not only poses a threat to personal safety, but also larger necklaces or bracelets can easily trigger metal detectors and prolong the security screening time. It is recommended that you wear them after security screening.

V. Difficult shoes:

Airports in some countries stipulate that shoes must be taken off for inspection after security check. High boots or lace-up hiking shoes are not the best choice. Thick soles and shoe body increase the inspection time. It is also troublesome when taking off shoes. It is recommended to choose the best A pair of comfortable walking shoes that are easy to put on and take off.

In addition, what should I do to save time at the airport after security check?

1. Pack the liquid in advance:

The liquid that can be carried on the plane cannot exceed 100 milliliters and is almost universally used by airlines worldwide. If you want to save time, it is best to pack the liquids, skin care products and cosmetics in your belongings in a transparent clip chain bag in advance and place them in a convenient place to pick them up.

2. Remove the certificate in advance:

Travel documents such as ID cards, passports, visas, and boarding passes are best taken out in advance for inspection by security personnel. Do n’t wait until you line up to the security gate to start rummaging.

3. Take out the electronic equipment in advance:

Items such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, cameras, and chargers need to be taken out in advance, ready to wait for inspection, in order to speed up the progress of the security inspection team.

4. As the team progresses:

According to the prompts of the security staff, after putting your own electronic equipment, personal belongings, jackets, etc. into the luggage tray, you consciously push the luggage forward with the team to achieve maximum efficiency.

Fifth, let open the channel and repackage:

Usually after the security check, there will be a small area for passengers to put their items back in their luggage and rearrange their clothes. But remember not to block these items at the aisle, it is best to take all your items to the side to facilitate the passage of others.

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