Is the cracking of Wujinmu furniture normal? Wujinmu furniture also has princess disease

Lai's furniture news news Wujinmu furniture in the market's reputation, so many consumers are rushing, but soon people reflect the cracking of Wujinmu furniture, then Wujinmu furniture cracking normal? Under what circumstances Wujinmu furniture will crack. The following small series will take you to understand.


Wujinmu's wooden structure is very good, and its density and hardness are high. Therefore, when you buy Wujinmu furniture, as long as you use your hand to rub a weight, you will find that Wujinmu is much more sinking than other woods. Whether it is a coffee table made of Wujinmu stump, or a piece of monolithic jewelry, chair, desk, etc., it has a texture of slanting cut, light yellow flesh, dark brown annual ring line, very beautiful.


But it also has "princess disease"! The change of water content makes Wujinmu furniture easy to deform and crack, can not adapt to wet or dry environment, and the environment is too hot or too cold. Therefore, if it is improperly stored, it is normal to cause cracking, otherwise it is a quality problem.


I saw the relevant content of the cracking of Wujinmu furniture above. Xiaobian thinks that you must know whether the cracking of Wujinmu is normal. More information, all in Lai's furniture.

Source: Lai's furniture

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