Optional Code: Five Ways to Identify Whether Plastic Is New Plastic or Old Plastic

In daily work, plastic products can be seen everywhere. The washbasins, cups, chairs, etc. in the home are basically inseparable from plastics, and some are recycled materials extracted from waste plastics. So how do consumers identify and buy?

New and old plastic

Although some medical wastes look good in quality, there are certain safety hazards in recycling. At the same time, the processing of waste plastics is also very particular, and it needs to be cleaned and disinfected. Some small workshops are simply broken and the damage is still very big.

In general, disposable plastics are not allowed to be in direct contact with the skin, utensils related to eating, and toys for children.

He taught a few simple methods on how to identify virgin plastics and recycled materials made from waste plastics:

As soon as the smell smells, the original plastic has aroma, and the recycled plastic has an unpleasant smell.

Second, look at the color, the new plastic color is more pure, the purity is high, and the old plastic is mostly dark color, the color is not correct. Simply put, the general transparent is the raw material, the recycled material is not transparent, many colors are mixed together, black is the main color.

Third, look at the toughness, the original material has good toughness, the chair is made of good load, the washbasin is resistant to falling, and the regrind is poor in toughness, brittle and easy to break. In particular, waste plastics that have been recycled many times are more susceptible to aging.

Four-inch weight, the same size of plastic products, generally new plastics are lighter, and waste plastics are heavier.

Five election stores. Generally, plastic products in large supermarkets and regular shopping malls are relatively reliable. Roadside shops and small commodity market stalls with very low prices should be careful when purchasing.

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