Why do not the home industry want to "best" o…

In recent years, children's home has become a new force that can not be underestimated in the market. Its novel and unique design and frequently updated national standards constantly refresh the concept of children's homes. However, compared with the same age group, the design, pro ---MORE---

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The old house is newly installed into a new trend, and …

In real life, many reasons for the consideration of housing prices, as well as the need for work and living convenience, many consumers who buy a house are looking at the old houses in a good location and small area in the city center, which also makes Chengdu In the decoration market, the ren ---MORE---

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Aluminum heating main line main pipe section completed …

【China Aluminum Network】 【In the past, even if the heating home is not warm, you must cover a quilt to watch TV at night. This year we finally do not need to freeze.” Recently, the Yang of residential buildings in the North District No. 58 Sister happily touched her own he ---MORE---

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How to remove mold from the wardrobe?

On a continuous rainy day, especially in the south, you may encounter mildew in your home's closet. Once the wardrobe in your home is moldy, it must be treated in time to prevent the mold from becoming more serious and causing the wardrobe to be damaged. ,How to do it? Fi ---MORE---

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Retrospect and Prospect of Development of Waterproofing…

Building waterproofing is an important product and technology that involves construction safety, people's livelihood, environmental protection (or environmental safety), and building energy conservation. Although China's architectural waterproofing originated very early, modern waterproof ---MORE---

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Disputes for unqualified compensation for anchor bolts-…

Due to the indemnity dispute, I almost went to court, and I still earned money when I confessed my claim and gave up the supply. We have default regulations in the fastener industry. As long as there is no special compensation agreement, we accept unconditional replacement or return ---MORE---

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Buy mahogany furniture to see five elements before star…

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