Mattress is soft or hard, these four types of people need special attention mattress selection

Are mattresses soft or hard ? A person spends one-third of his or her time sleeping. Sleeping well is closely related to health. One survey result shows that a good mattress can make sleep "do more with less." An unscientific mattress design can make you "can't take it." As high as tens of thousands of yuan, as low as three or four hundred yuan, many people suddenly found in the furniture market, the choice of what kind of bed turned out to be a scratching thing. So, is the mattress soft or hard ? Is the free-standing spring in a bag better than the common one? Thousands or even tens of thousands of latex foam mattresses are high-tech stuff? The mattress of your choice and personal characteristics is suitable. Just because it suits you is the best.

Which brand of mattress is good "in no particular order"

Mattress Top 10 Brand Names: Emers

The senior mattress expert, with "environmental protection and sleep" as the core, integrates ergonomics and nature, and a professional technology sleep system in environmental protection. In terms of materials and craftsmanship, it has passed a number of international certifications, including the highest authoritative ISPA certification.

Top Ten Mattress Brands Rank 2: Simmons (Simmons)

The world's top mattress brand, founded in 1870, is now synonymous with high-end beds. Invented the first bed in 1870 to change human sleep habits. Become the most popular mattress brand in China.

Top 10 mattress brands ranked 3: Sealy

Born in the United States in 1881, more than 30 years of sales champion, five-star hotel's preferred brand. The United States imported mattresses and became a brand of concern to improve the quality of people's sleep. It was praised by everyone and was a brand-new experience.

Top Ten Mattress Brands Rank 4: Xilinmen Mattress

Top ten mattress brands, high-tech enterprises. Founded in 1993, it was selected as one of the top 50 companies for consecutive three years and ranked fourth in the top ten brands.

Top Ten Mattress Brands Rank 5: King Koil

Founded in 1898, quality follows a unified standard, establishing a sustainable system based on regional differences to meet the needs of global customers. Has become a popular mattress for the community.

Top 10 mattress brands ranked 6: Sui Bao mattress

The old mattress brand has a history of 40 years. Eight consecutively earned 500 value brands. Super 10 million users, won the trust of consumers.


How to buy a mattress

First, fabric

Different fabrics, the price will be different. Fiber fabrics are low-cost mattresses. Most of the mid-range knitted jacquard fabrics are comfortable and of various types. There are cashmere fabrics, 3d fabrics, and so on.

Second, the spring

Spring points: Two kinds of net springs and independent springs. There is also a silent spring, which is high in price, quieter, plus a plastic protective layer, stable and long service life.

Third, latex, brown heart

Latex is concerned by the market, the price diversification, dazzling, as the saying goes: a penny a cargo, latex layer in about 1-2cm, some 5cm 7cm thickness.

Mattresses are soft or hard

Mattress is too soft what harm

Mattresses are not as soft as possible. It is too soft, the spine will bend, and back pain will occur in the short term, causing long-term psoas muscle and bone strain.

Mattress too hard what harm

The doctor recommends sleeping on a hardboard bed. A thin cushion. In short, don't sleep too soft and don't sleep too hard.


Four types of people need special attention mattress selection

Older family: too soft not to be

The elderly are prone to osteoporosis, lumbar and leg pain and other problems, so do not sleep soft mattresses.

Old people suffering from heart disease, sleep hard bed is good. Old people with deformed spine cannot sleep on hardboard beds. Beds suitable for the elderly, so that when the human body supine position, to maintain the lumbar spine does not bend, with a certain hardness of the mattress on it. The elderly choose mattresses, and they must experience first-hand the fact that many businesses on the market are pursuing the banner of health care. In fact, the effect is not so good, so choose carefully.

Working family: comfortable and reliable

Office workers are under pressure, long-term exposure to radiation, habitual staying up late, insomnia, leading to cervical and liver problems. Memory cotton mattress, which breaks down human body pressure, gives the body effective support, allows the body's blood circulation to be smooth, and reduces the number of turns. Too many branded memory foam mattresses on the market, high density is one of the most easily distinguishable characteristics, performance has a great impact, but also should be combined with height and size to decide, not blindly coveted appearance.

Student family: neck protection is the key

The students are in the development stage, and they have great plasticity, especially the cervical spine. Choose a soft mattress to make your child sleep comfortably and feel at ease. The softness and hardness of mattresses vary from person to person. It is absolutely impossible to choose mattresses based on their height, weight and size. Let them experience the comfort of the mattress. Reasonable protection of the spine also promotes development.

Baby Family: Breathing is the most important

Your baby's bones are soft and 70% are spent in bed. Good mattresses can help them grow, so choosing a good mattress is very important. Common mattresses are sponges and springs. The spring material is durable, with a large number of turns, vent holes on the sides, and its high density.


Mattresses are soft or hard

Requirements for mattresses: Our country tends to have harder mattresses, and foreign countries tend to have softer mattresses. Scientific proof: A hard or soft mattress is not good for healthy sleep. The human skeleton is S-shaped, which will cause the back to play a supporting role, and the waist will not receive an effective rest. The soft mattress, which is stuck in the body, will not turn over easily and will change the normal physiological state of the spine. The ideal mattress is: moderate hardness, long-term sleep on uncomfortable mattresses, resulting in back pain, soft and hard moderate for good sleep.

Mattress maintenance tips

The mattress should be properly maintained. First, after using two or three months, replace the mattress. Second, keep the mattress clean, clean it once every quarter, and dry it for 2 hours every year. Third, often wash sheets. The mattress is dirty. Wash it with clean water. Fourth, to avoid sitting on the edge of the bed for a long time, so as to avoid spring deformation.

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Mattresses are soft or hard


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