Led living room lamp how to choose LED living room lighting advantages

With the improvement of people's quality of life, led living room lights are now playing not only lighting but also played a decorative effect. For newly-renovated houses, if the fixtures are selected well, not only can the overall effect be icing on the cake but also make your home look more savory, so it is important to pay attention to the purchase of the living room lamps. In the current market led living room lamps are also varied. Many shapes and colors also make people look dazzling, in fact, the most important thing to buy led living room lights and the overall decoration style match, there is no need to buy fancy products, today Xiao Bian collected some of this Knowledge, let's learn together.

First, how to choose led living room light

1, first of all you should consider is the color of the light

According to the living room situation, choose warmer or cooler shades.

2, but also consider the effect of light

According to the size of the living room and the power of the luminaires, it is necessary to determine how many lights are needed for the living room to make the living room bright. For the darker places of the living room, floor lamps can be used to illuminate the room.

3, consider the lighting, lighting style, lighting style and their own living room with asked

The choice of lamps and the overall decoration style match, if not well with the appearance of out of tune, thereby affecting people's mood.

4, the shape and grade of lamps

The appearance and grade of the lamps should be elegant and luxurious, so as to highlight the atmosphere of the living room; if the lamp selection is too flat, it will make people feel shabby.

5, light intensity should be moderate

The lighting of the living room led lamps should be suitable, not too dark nor too bright, too bright will make people feel dazzling, too dark will make people feel gloomy.

6, the level of the living room with a good lighting

If the living room is relatively high, you can choose to light up the chandeliers, but to make the lamps and the upper part of a certain space, so you can narrow the gap between light and dark; if the living room is relatively low, you can choose to ceiling lamps, so that the living room is more crisp and generous.

Second, led living room advantages

1, energy saving: led lamps more energy-efficient, low power consumption, a thousand hours as long as a few degrees.

2, long life: led lamps longer life than ordinary lamps, and led lamps without filaments, no glass bubbles, not afraid of vibration, not broken.

3, green: leled lamps are very environmentally friendly, do not contain harmful elements such as mercury and antimony, can be recycled.

4, health: led lamps will not produce radiation, will not cause harm to the human body.

Editor's summary: After reading this article, you are not sure whether or not to purchase a living room lamp. In fact, when purchasing any lamp, we must pay attention to the coordination with the surrounding space, with a good combination to create a better overall effect. About led living room lights how to choose and led the advantages of living room lights introduced here to hope for everyone helpful. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

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