Super hard network week news review (3.6~3.10)

Abstract 1. Notice on participating in the “going out” production and financing docking symposium of equipment manufacturing enterprises (read the full text) According to the notice of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, to promote the equipment manufacturing enterprises in China “going out rd...
1. Notice on Participating in the "Going Global" Industry-Funding Docking Symposium of Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises ( Read the full text )
According to the notice of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, in order to promote the “going out” of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises, the Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology plans to jointly organize the “going out” of the equipment manufacturing enterprises to cooperate with the China Development Bank in the near future. All member companies are requested to voluntarily register for the conference according to their own needs.
The registration company should send the receipt to the general office email address of the General Conference before 16:30 on March 14. The specific time and place of the symposium will be announced separately.

2. The price of polysilicon chips will fall. Will China's PV market enter the “winter period”? ( Read the full text )
A senior domestic PV company that did not want to be named told reporters that the EU's implementation of "double opposition" to China's PV has not saved the local manufacturing industry for two years, nor can it prevent China's PV manufacturing industry from expanding its advantage to occupy the global photovoltaic power generation market. The previously agreed Sino-European PV price commitments also have many restrictions on Chinese exporters, leading to the exit of major exporters from China, and the export to the EU is almost stopped. The price limit for China's polysilicon price commitment to the EU is not strict, and it is not limited. It shows that the polysilicon imported into China has not decreased in recent years.

3, super hard enterprise wonderful attack on the 17th Xiamen Stone Fair ( Read the full text )
The 17th Xiamen International Stone Fair will last from March 6th to 9th. This year's exhibition set up 9,300 international standard booths and more than 2,000 exhibitors from 56 countries and regions around the world, ranking first in the world. After 17 years of development, Xiamen International Stone Fair has become a stop for the world's stone and related industries. This is the highest level exhibition in the world stone industry will once again attract the attention of the world. The scale of the exhibition is about 180,000 square meters, ranking the world's first professional stone exhibition, including two light exhibition halls and front squares on the third floor of the first and second exhibition halls. There are 23 exhibition halls with domestic stone exhibition areas. , mechanical tools exhibition area, international exhibition area and outdoor exhibition area.
In this year's Xiamen Stone Fair, many companies in the super-hard materials industry have made a wonderful attack. This time, China's super-hard materials network Xiaobian will take you to the wonderful figure of these super-hard enterprises in the exhibition.
4. Ezhou Diamond Tools Industry Association visited Xiamen Stone Fair ( Read the full text )
On March 6th, the world's largest stone exhibition opened in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting more than 2,000 companies from 56 countries and regions around the world to participate in the exhibition. Ezhou Diamond Tools Industry Association visited Xiamen Stone Fair.
5. Huifeng Company promotes “brainstorming” learning training ( Read the full text )
Henan Huifeng Diamond Co., Ltd. organized a series of trainings on the “brainstorming” method in February. Through this training, the employees’ thinking has been expanded and inspired, and the work ideas are more inspiring. It has been broadened, and at the same time, the work ability of the company's employees has been further improved. Only in this way, the professional quality of each employee of the company can be gradually improved, in order to provide more impetus for the company's development.

6, the trend of the mighty homeopathic Chang look at the new hotspot of Japan International Machine Tool Tools Exhibition ( Read the full text )
In order to cater to the new trend of international manufacturing technology development, from last year's Japan International Machine Tool Exhibition (JIMTOF2016), Japanese machine tool companies are expanding their advanced manufacturing technology to the Internet of Things.
As one of the four most important machine tool exhibitions in the world, Japan International Machine Tool Exhibition is undoubtedly the epitome of the machine tool industry in the past few years and the development trend of the next few years. The exhibition is a deep understanding of the Japanese machine tool industry and development. The situation is a good opportunity. This article will give a detailed introduction to the presentation of Japanese machine tool manufacturers on JIMTOF in terms of major exhibitors and technology trends.

7. Can “Phase One Step” polycrystalline lead in the next few years? ( Read the full text )
In the photovoltaic industry, monocrystalline and polycrystalline components have always maintained a competitive pattern. Who can better meet the needs of the market in the future? In the past, relatively small monocrystalline components have market share. Elevated, is this change the beginning of a long-term counterattack of single crystals, or is it a short-lived difference between the two?
Many industry insiders said that PV modules are essentially an emerging power generation equipment, and the price/performance ratio is the key to the market. Because there is no personalized experience in power products, some are only based on the country. Voltage and frequency. Only by twisting the "cost-effective" beef nose can we see the fog of the single-crystal battle of photovoltaic modules.

8. The correct posture of small and medium-sized enterprises to embrace artificial intelligence ( Read the full text )
When it comes to data, there is no doubt that it is an important asset of this era. The data reflects the principles and laws of things. When you find its rules, you can predict the unknown. If the data is crude oil, then AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a processing plant that extracts various high-value products from crude oil. Its importance is evident.
Discovering knowledge, insights, and patterns from data is not a new concept in and of itself. Hundreds of years ago, there was such practice in the Kepler era. At that time, Kepler extracted and summarized the three laws of celestial movement from hundreds of pages of celestial position data, which is still being used today, which is known as the Kepler's three laws. Now, AI helps us realize the automatic learning of knowledge and rules from massive amounts of data by means of large-scale cloud computing.
So, what role can it bring to us as a data-driven AI framework?

9, graphene avatar "sound tube" Deaf people are expected to "speak" ( Read the full text )
Graphene can be transformed into a “sound tube” to help deaf people “speak”. The "smart graphene artificial throat" invented by Professor Tian Ling, a research group of Tsinghua University Microelectronics, is expected to solve the "speaking" problem of deaf people in the future.
Recently, Ren Tianling’s research group published a research paper entitled “Intelligent Graphene Artificial Throat with Sound Sensing Ability” in Nature-Communication. Using the advantages of porous graphene materials, it has created a transceiving body that is suitable for wear. Integrated acoustics.
According to reports, this integrated acoustic device uses the thermoacoustic effect of graphene to emit sound, and uses the piezoresistive effect of graphene to receive sound, realizing the sound transceiving of a single device. The porous graphene material used in the device has high thermal conductivity and low heat capacity, and can emit a wide spectrum of sound from 100 Hz to 40 kHz through thermoacoustic effects. Its porous structure is also extremely sensitive to pressure, and it can sense the weak vibration of the throat at the time of sounding, and can receive sound signals through the piezoresistive effect. Therefore, the device can accurately detect deaf-mute people's low-pitched, screaming and other special sounds, and convert this "meaningless sound" into a frequency- and intensity-controllable sound, which is expected to be converted into a pre-recorded language in the future.

10. “The Provincial Key Laboratory of Diamond Photoelectric Materials and Devices” by the Yellow River Cyclone ( Read the full text )
This time, Henan Province changed the guidance of key basic laboratory construction and light results transformation in the past, and created a number of provincial key laboratories that turned the achievements into the main tasks. For example, relying on the “Key Laboratory of Provincial Robots and Intelligent Systems” and the “Key Laboratory of High Temperature Structural and Functional Materials”, and the “Development of Diamond Optoelectronic Materials and Devices” under the support of Zhengzhou University and Henan Huanghe Cyclone Co., Ltd. The “laboratory”, relying on the “Key Laboratory of Provincial Machinery Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing”, which is built by Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry, will accelerate the transformation of innovations in related fields into actual productivity and promote the occupation of the relevant industries in Henan Province.
In addition, in the field of equipment manufacturing, Henan Province also has the following key laboratories: State Key Laboratory of Shield and Tunneling Technology, State Key Laboratory of Heavy Equipment, and State Key Laboratory of Aviation Precision Bearings.

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