[Real-time] Jinan: how hard it is to work under high temperature


After the rain, the spring city again ushered in hot, hot weather. The somatosensory temperatures under the hot sun were all above 40°C. What would it be like to work in such a hot environment? A 45-year-old building site in the northern part of the Shunhe viaduct. The master stared at the construction of the hot sun. His work seemed simple. He only transported the steel rods stored in the sun to the processing workshops 5 meters away, but suffered unimaginable hardships. The weight of each steel bar is about 50 pounds, and the total weight of the steel bar is more than 2 tons per day. Under the sun exposure, the surface temperature of the bar is close to 70°C. To prevent burns, Master Zhang wears gloves, but the protective gloves on the surface of the gloves. The layer is still scorched, a long time wearing a hole in the gloves; Zhang master in order to cool shirtless battle, in the hot sun barbecue, face and upper body tanned, back full of sweat, and some places also sunburned skin. Reporter Wang Feng photo

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