How to choose smart electronic door lock

A suitable intelligent electronic door lock can bring the ideal effect. In the face of the intelligent electronic door lock in the lock market, how do we choose the smart electronic door lock that is suitable for our use? About choosing the right intelligent electronic door lock There are a few points to remind everyone.

Intelligent electronic door lock

1. Select smart electronic door lock according to the use environment

Different brands of intelligent electronic door locks have different functions. Different use environments have different functional requirements for intelligent electronic door locks, and the selected functions should be combined with the use environment.

Hotel use, room management should comply with the hotel's standard management, door lock management functions not only to facilitate guests, but also to improve hotel management. Therefore, as a hotel intelligent electronic door lock, it must have the functions: all the key cards must have time-limited functions, locks with open door recording function, and hierarchical management functions.

The office and office buildings are used. Considering the requirements of property management, it is necessary to monitor the state of the door in real time, and to control the opening of the door in case of extraordinary events.

For the use of homes and smart communities, we must first consider that the family can use one card to open multiple doors (can be added or reduced at will), which can be deleted when the key card is lost, and can be used with the gates, corridor doors and intercom systems of the community. One card.

2, safety and stability are extremely important

Door locks (mechanical and intelligent) must first be safe and secure as a safety precaution product.

Security can be measured in two ways:

The first is to prevent violent means such as vandalism, mischief and deliberate jealousy and drilling. In this respect, the intelligent electronic door lock adopts a full-faced closed lock structure, which solves the problem of violent unlocking.

Second, the prevention technology is turned on, and the ability of the mechanical lock to prevent the technology from opening is very poor. Regardless of the mechanical lock of that structure, it can be opened by other means. There are great security risks when the keys can be copied. In the electronic door lock, the magnetic card is easily copied due to the lack of a password. The IC card and RF card used by the intelligent electronic door lock completely solve the problem of preventing the technical opening.

The choice of intelligent electronic door lock must pay attention to these two points, of course, other aspects can not be ignored, such as service life, cost performance, comprehensive cost and after-sales service.


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