Luban lock 12 solutions Tuban lock 12 cages to take the same assembly diagram

What are the steps of Luban Lock's 12 identical solutions? Luban lock 12 assembly picture tutorial, Luban lock 12 solution diagram. Lu Bansuo is a difficult educational toy. The simple skeleton structure looks bland, but it contains the ancient people's amazing wisdom. Through splicing, Lu Bansuo can form a specific shape. It is very difficult for ordinary players. Successfully assembled or successfully solved, need to master certain skills, this article for everyone to introduce Lu Bansuo 12 solutions method steps. GP1 Smart Lock China

Lu Ban lock 12 solution video tutorial

GP1 Smart Lock China

Lu Bansuo is a very common toy lock that employs a rammed structure. It is the main structure of ancient Chinese architecture, furniture, and other devices. It is a connection method that combines two concave and convex parts. The protruding part is called 榫 (or called 榫); the recessed part is called 卯 (or called 榫, 榫). GP1 Smart Lock China

It is characterized by the absence of nails on objects and the use of concrete reinforcements to reflect ancient Chinese culture and wisdom. GP1 Smart Lock China

Luban Lock Takes 12 Balls in the Cage

Buy Luban locks are generally installed, and it is said that the split is easier than loading, so we started from the dismantling. GP1 Smart Lock China

The following Figure 1 shows twelve Luban locks. It has four wooden bars in each of the x, y, and z axes, forming a closed space, like a secret room. All we have to do is find and open the door to the secret room. . GP1 Smart Lock China

The first thing to do is to find a special existence in a whole lot of generality, so all we have to do is find one or more special (movable) ones of the 12 sticks. GP1 Smart Lock China

After one by one passing over 12 sticks, you will find that there is no one that can be removed alone (six Luban locks have one). But don't worry, we can't try two. GP1 Smart Lock China

After carefully observing these 12 wooden strips again, you will find that there is a difference in the way the wooden strips snap (note the red circle in Figure 1). Look at the two wooden bars shown in the blue cross in Figure 1 below. The grooves of the two wood bars are all oriented in one direction (the other five pairs are shown in the lower left corner of the image in Figure 1). This particularity indicates that it is That key (let's call it "cross door lock"). The key to the key was found. I am afraid I won't need to say it. Just as we normally unlock, just rotate the pair of wood bars in the opposite direction of the bite (as shown by the green arrow in Figure 1). Of course, if your Luban lock production process is not very good and the bite is too tight, it may take some effort to get it. GP1 Smart Lock China

Picture 1.gif GP1 Smart Lock China

Once the cross door lock was opened, the demolition work was more than half successful. The only thing we need to do next is to demolish the “wall”. Figure 2 shows the lock chamber after the door lock has been removed (the lock of the door lock has been marked with a red line). The two black bars refer to the most solid two-sided “walls” and are our first targets. After observing the occlusion of the part indicated by the green circle, the protagonist of Yingming Shenwu should be able to think of it as long as it You can remove the two wooden sticks by pushing hard at the top (the method for removing the two sticks is exactly the same). GP1 Smart Lock China

2017-05-17_091748.jpg GP1 Smart Lock China

The chamber after the dismantling of these two hard walls is shown in Figure 2. The remaining two walls can be easily removed, so this figure 3 can be ignored. GP1 Smart Lock China

Picture 7.jpg GP1 Smart Lock China

After all four walls have been removed, four columns and a pair of foundations remain, as shown in Figure 4. The door locks and walls that have been removed are placed in the original direction. Everyone can refer to it. In addition, this figure can also be ignored. GP1 Smart Lock China

Picture 19.jpg GP1 Smart Lock China

Now everyone should have destroyed the entire secret room. The following should be a constructive work. Before building a house, we must first understand the materials used - wood. As shown in Figure 5, these 12 wood bars actually only have three shapes (the blue frame is circled, do you think it is a lot easier at once), each groove has three grooves, and when the house is closed, all of these grooves are To engage with other wooden grooves. GP1 Smart Lock China

For our covert room, the twelve wood strips can be divided into three categories (shown in the red box in Figure 5). The leftmost pair of symmetrical wood strips serve as a cross lock, and the middle two pairs are half symmetrical wood strips. Do the column, this half symmetrical part just happens to be engaged with the door lock, so when installing, pay attention to the direction of the groove to be the same, the rest of the same part is used to bite with the foundation, the specific installation method can refer to the previous drawings, I will not be blind. As for the remaining six roots, the foundation and the wall, this part of the work is completely without technical content, if necessary, refer to the above figure, because the whole process is reversible, and how to install it. GP1 Smart Lock China

Picture 20.jpg GP1 Smart Lock China

Finally, the sealed room door was sealed. The entire 12 Luban locks were completely closed and the assembly was successful. GP1 Smart Lock China

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