Smart lock brand “three legs” product power to determine the key to victory

As an entry-level product for smart homes, the smart door lock industry has grown explosively in the past two years with the development of the mobile Internet and the Internet of Things. Data show that nearly 1,000 smart gates have emerged in China in 2016. Lock brand, fierce competition, "battle", but there are also brands with their own advantage to take a larger share of the market share, in the rankings to shake off competitors and occupy a leading position.

From the perspective of development background and product focus, the current domestic smart lock market brands are mainly divided into three categories: traditional door lock manufacturers, foreign brands represented by Samsung, and vertical brands represented by Yunding, three-legged The pattern has already formed in 2016.

The continued warming of the market indicates that the “war” of the smart door lock industry will inevitably become “more prosperous” in 2017. When more new brands join the “war situation”, some brands or products will be eliminated by the market. Not unexpected.

In order to further seize market share, the layout of major brands in the new year has begun to show. On December 22nd, Yunding Technology held a media conference in Beijing, during which the new brand LOOCK Deer was released and will be launched in March 2017. Products, fully enter the home smart door lock market. In addition, Yunding also announced for the first time that it had completed the B+ round of financing in November, and investors and specific amounts were not disclosed.

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The end of the B-end market pattern, the C-outbreak will affect the future of the market

In the two market directions of smart door locks, from the quantitative point of view, there is no doubt that the C-side market demand for homes is even greater, but it is limited by factors such as difficulty in popularizing smart door locks and difficulty in popularization. Currently, the market coverage rate Still no major breakthrough has been achieved. At the same time, in the B-end market such as branded apartments and hotels, because of the urgent need for efficient batch management, security, information updates, etc., as well as the ability to centralize purchases and make brand cooperation easier to achieve large-scale replacement, Smart Doors Lock coverage and sales both increased significantly.

According to the data, at present, there are 73 million rental rooms and 100 million rooms in China, of which about 500,000 are quality apartments in 2015. This year, more than 1 million new rooms have been added. Each quality apartment has the installation requirements for intelligent door locks. The number of actually installed smart door locks is about 350,000. The company is headed by Yunding Technology, and it currently cooperates with many well-known brands in the industry, such as chain home freely, parking apartment, Hung Ho Apartment, Xiang Yu, Piggy Short Rent, Fuxing Real Estate, Rongke Zhidi and so on. The market focuses on development. The number of cooperative apartments in Yunding has reached more than 300, and the installation of equipment exceeds 200,000 units, covering 18 provinces and 30 cities and regions across the country. The number of customers, service scope, and areas involved are the first in the market. In 2016, Yunding Technology's orders in the apartment's smart lock market exceeded RMB 180 million, serving 500,000 young people. The industry's market share accounted for about 60%, making it the largest provider of apartment smart door locks in China.

According to information released by Yunding official, in terms of the landing of products and services, Yunding has its own city managers and professional service teams that have undergone rigorous assessment in 30 cities covering the business. Yun Ding said that the door-to-door service was provided within two hours in Beijing Wuhuan, and within three hours in other regions and cities. Only the Yunding family of the same kind of door lock manufacturers in China was able to complete such professional and efficient service, so they could keep up with the brand apartment. The speed of development.

With respect to the rapid coverage of the B-side market, the huge blue ocean market at the C-terminal is also bound to be a major battleground for major brands. The future may become a key to the entire market. Smart locks account for more than 70% of the market share in Japan and South Korea and some European and American countries. China has 1.4 billion people and nearly 400 million households. Currently, the home base for installing smart locks is very low, less than 3%, ie 97%. Households have the need to update from mechanical locks to smart locks, and the number of newly added homes per year will remain relatively high. China's smart lock market has the largest scale and prospects in the world.

China's home smart door lock market annual increase of over 50%

Smart home is currently a hot spot and an inevitable trend in the future. Some experts estimate that the potential market size of domestic smart homes in 2017 will be approximately 5.8 trillion yuan. As a part of smart homes, smart locks are naturally a major factor in the layout of many smart giants' traditional brands in the smart home market, and traditional mechanical lock brands are also increasing their smart lock product layout and extension. Many brands have entered the card in succession. Bit.

The powerful background and resource advantages of the giant brand can not be ignored naturally, but compared with other intelligent products, the proportion of smart door locks in their product lines will not be too large, so the degree of concentration and professionalism in product research and development may not be It will be too strong. The hardware end of the mechanical lock transition process is relatively good, but most of the software-side only purchased solutions, docking large developers, large properties, upgrade iterations and other services are lacking.

On the other hand, Samsung, Panasonic and other international brands have gained advantages in the development of the smart lock market by leveraging the previously accumulated market sentiment.

Compared with the previous two categories of "backed by big trees," the brand, the current domestic Internet smart lock market vertical brand with strong product power, performance is not inferior to the big brands. The high market share of Yunding Technology and other achievements indicate that the emerging brands have gained market recognition with their focus on smart door locks.

Behind the creation of product power, the technical team and the capital's blessing should not be overlooked. In the two and a half years since its establishment, Yun Ding has received four rounds of financing. The investors include Lenovo Star, LeTV, Fosun Kunzhong, Xianfeng Huaxing, Midea, and Nanjing Iron and Steel.

At present, China's smart door lock market maintains a rapid growth, coupled with China's share of the global market demand, for all smart door lock manufacturers for development opportunities. "Based on the broader market in China, in the next three years, Yunding aims to become the world's largest intelligent door lock manufacturer with shipments." Yun Ding CEO Chen Bin told the media, "Ding Yun will always focus on the field of intelligent door locks. , using technology to create more sense of security and comfort for Chinese rental housing and home users."

After the first two years of market education and further upgrading of technology, services, and user experience, Internet vertical brands in 2017 will rely on the market focus to force foreign investment and traditional brands to be more favored by the smart door lock market. It is worth looking forward to whether the home user market that needs to be developed in the coming year can achieve an outbreak. Of course, product power is still the key to industry competition.

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