How to choose the partition to move the door

In fact, it is very common to install moving doors in the home, and it is not a very novel thing. This kind of door is not only beautiful but also very practical. With the simplification of the decoration style of today, living glass partitioned moving doors have become the choice of many people. The glass moving door in the living room is not only convenient for disassembly, but also conducive to repeated use. Next, we will specifically understand some of the ways to maintain the partitioned moving doors , and how to select the partitioned moving doors.

Partition moving door maintenance method

1. First, the partitioned moving doors should be placed and fixed in order, and then check whether the moving door has fallen or not, and the gap between the door and the door is not uniform enough. If this is the case, use an open-end wrench to level the level of the sliding door up and down to see if the gap between the door and the door is vertical and is consistent. Move the sliding door to the level and the gap between the door and the door is consistent. Check whether the hanging wheel is loose. If the lifting wheel is tight, check whether the rubber strip around the sliding door has been deteriorated or broken. If there is any impact on the sound insulation performance, please inform the manufacturer to replace it or replace it.

2, and then the next step is to check the handle of the moving door, in the upper and lower mobile support when it can not be used normally, if not flexible or may be up and down support and can not turn, please notify the manufacturer to send professionals to repair, do not repair. Clean the sliding door frame can be used when cleaning agents, according to different stains using different cleaning agents, avoid the use of strong acid cleaners, so as not to damage the surface of the frame, in order to enhance the service life of the partition products, please set up someone to use, regular effective maintenance.

How to choose to cut off the moving door

1, see the brand

Many consumers choose products based on brands only, and they are more likely to prefer products of the brand. Therefore, when selecting the words to block the mobile doors, they will still look at the brands to purchase. This can also be said to be inevitable, because the market is now more and more poor quality products, good brands, then more quality assurance, but also for future maintenance is also helpful.

2, see quality

No matter what products you buy, most people will actually value quality issues. Therefore, when buying a mobile door, the first thing to check is the quality of the slide rails. The general slide rails are made of metal materials, so to observe whether the surface has rust stains and push and pull is smooth, it is actually a very important hardware component. In understanding the hardware components, we must understand the choice of material, and whether it is rigorous in the structural design, after all, cut off the service life of mobile doors, hardware components also play a decisive role.

3, look style

The selected partitioned moving door is the same in style as the home style, so that from the overall perspective of the home, it will be more beautiful and harmonious, and the choice must be focused on the style. If the decoration style is very modern, then the partitioned moving door can be considered and installed in the form of full glass, so that the entire interior space will look more refined. If the decoration style is more atmospheric style, such as European style, American style, etc., you can consider a variety of partitions to present. The use of glass and wood partitions combined with very distinctive European and American elements is also very much integrated.

The above information on the maintenance methods for the moving doors of partitions and how to select the moving doors for the partitions are introduced here. We hope these will help everyone. If you still don't understand where you can pay attention to more news, if you want to learn more about this news, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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