Tea room decoration style explain how to arrange the tea room

Nowadays, many people need to bear the pressure of life. Especially for those who work alone in big cities, because of the constant pace of life, many people are always busy every day. Whenever they are off work or on vacation, many people want to find a place where they can return to peace. Then the restaurant is the most suitable. Here we come to understand how to decorate the casual tearoom and how to arrange the tearoom.

First, casual tea room decoration style

1, European and American style

Most people in Europe and the United States generally prefer to drink coffee, so very few people will like tea, and tea rooms designed in European-American style are hard to see. Their collocation method is generally a smooth milky white ceiling, a combination of wrought iron and glass chandeliers, the same wall lamp, with a unique fireplace, a good texture of the carpet plus a comfortable rattan sofa and coffee table, is the European-style tea room Classic decoration. European-style teahouses use British or German royal porcelain as the top grade, while frescoes on the walls, statues on the corners, and even copper and bronze statues on fireplaces all attempt to interpret a gorgeous, laid-back, and prosperous.

2, and type

The casual style of the Japanese-style tea house is similar to the Japanese design. It is a spacious and bright room, all of which are covered in large tatami mats, then fitted with comfortable cushions and low tables. Hanging paintings on the wall, a table set with a full set of tea sets, space is simple and generous, and most of the styles are decorated with plaid patterns. The tea table is generally covered with clean and elegant lattices, and only a simple one is placed on the tatami floor. White paper lamp. If your family has a tatami room with a sliding door, put a few cushions and a low table, you can dress it up as a simple Japanese-style tea room.

Third, how to arrange the tea room

1. For the tea room in a small space, it is a style that is delicate, beautiful, elegant and refined. Each style of decoration and table and chair equipment, whether it is style or color, are different. Sometimes there are different names to distinguish them, some are conceived according to the name of the teahouse, and each has a similar name, some are named after various tea names, and some are named after famous tea regions. It is also named after the famous scenic area, and it is named after the tea people of the generations. It is best not to name it with emotionless Arabic numerals.

2, the furniture placed in the tea room is best made of bamboo materials, of course, mahogany furniture is also a lot of choice, then the use of bamboo furniture in the color is very elegant, unique. If it is a fashion-type teahouse, using European architecture, you can use sofas, glass tables and chairs, or imitation of European classical furniture, hanging Western oil paintings, Western sculptures, and adding a touch of foreign flavor.

3. The layout of tearoom walls is usually better with calligraphy and painting. Especially in Chinese tearooms, there are some calligraphy and Chinese paintings related to tea art. However, it is generally not advisable to hang more than one or two. You can also hang photographic works that reflect the life of the tea area and tea art activities, or embed antique artifacts in the walls. Some tea houses also hang some folk cultural relics such as silk clothes and hats, and are full of local flavors. Some root carvings, bamboo carvings, bonsais, rocks and flowers can also be arranged around the tea room. However, there must be space left and it must not be piled up too full, giving people a feeling of repression.

The above information about the decoration style of the casual tearoom and the related contents of how to arrange the tearoom are introduced here. I hope this helps everyone. If there is something that you don't understand, you can learn more. Please continue to pay attention to our website.

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