Nine steps to install a smart lock

With the rise of smart homes, smart locks have gradually entered our daily lives. However, many people do not understand how to install smart locks. The following Xiaobian teaches you how to install smart locks.

Nine steps to install a smart lock

1. Please insert the external lock plate cable plug into the corresponding socket of the internal lock plate and open the power switch of the internal lock plate.

2. The panel fixing screws are aligned with the fixing holes of the internal locking plate bolts, insert the fixing bolts of the external locking plate, slightly tightened, press the unlock button, turn the drag mechanism to open the lock body, and unlock, no jam resistance is installed Success, otherwise the position of the inner and outer lock plates may be adjusted so that the lock core is coaxial with the motor until the sound of the remote lock is stable. If it is still not enough, check whether the disassembled door is distorted too much.


3, set, test the corresponding function of the door lock, insert the safety switch connecting piece and square shaft.

4, check the remote unlock, password unlock, fingerprint unlock, cell phone unlock, remote key set operation, the inner panel key operation, doorbell, a key to unlock, a key to close the automatic lock, turn off the anti-theft system, discuss adjustment, upper and lower battery pack Independence work and other functions are normal.

5, if the inside and outside the board is not equipped with handles, in accordance with the left and right direction of the door, please install the inner and outer board hand and fixed, please be careful not to install anti.

6. Install the outer lock plate sleeve nut on the outer lock plate bolt and fix tightly.

7. Observe the battery charge indicator pattern. If one of the battery pack indicator patterns is one cell or empty, please unplug the corresponding battery pack, otherwise it will affect the service life of the battery pack.

8. Insert the external locking plate cable plug into the socket corresponding to the internal locking plate, and guide through the internal hole of the square shaft of the anti-theft security door to the position of the locking plate outside the anti-theft security door.

9. Insert the square shaft into the square hole of the lock body, align the handle hole, the lever hole and the insurance piece hole of the inner lock plate, press the unlock or lock button, and turn the drag mechanism to make the shift lever and the lock cylinder fit in place.

According to these nine steps, consumers can install smart locks on their own, so please remember to remember them.

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