Electronic scale sensor installation precautions

The electronic scale sensor is the decisive presence of the electronic platform scale. Therefore, in order to ensure the accuracy of the electronic scale sensor, there are still some problems in the process of installation and use, so as to ensure the measurement accuracy and service life of the electronic scale sensor. See below for details.
Electronic scale sensor installation notes:
1. The electronic platform scale sensor should be handled gently, especially for the small-capacity electronic platform scale sensor using alloy aluminum material as the elastic body, any shock or drop caused by vibration is likely to cause a large output error.
2. The loading mechanism should be designed and the loading force should be ensured. The force of the electronic platform scale sensor coincides with each other to minimize the influence of the tilt load and the eccentric load.
3, in the level of adjustment. If an electronic scale sensor is used, the mounting plane of the base must be adjusted to the horizontal level using a level gauge; if it is a case where multiple electronic scale sensors are simultaneously measured, the mounting surface of their base should be kept as far as possible on a horizontal plane. The purpose is mainly to ensure that the strength of each electronic scale sensor is basically the same.
4. Determine the rated load of the electronic scale sensor used according to the range selection of the electronic scale sensor in the description.
5. In order to prevent chemical corrosion, Vaseline should be used to coat the outer surface of the electronic scale sensor. Avoid direct sunlight and changes in the ambient temperature of the station.
6. The bypass device made of copper braided wire is added at both ends of the electronic scale sensor loading device.
7, the cable should not be extended by itself, in the real need to lengthen the joints should be soldered, and add moisture-proof sealant.
8. It is best to use some baffles around the electronic scale sensor to cover the electronic scale sensor. The purpose of doing so is to prevent debris from falling into the moving part of the electronic scale sensor and affecting its measurement accuracy.
9. The cable of the electronic platform scale sensor should be away from the strong power supply line or pulsed wave place. When the competition cannot be avoided, the cable of the electronic scale sensor should be put into the iron pipe separately, and the connection distance should be shortened as much as possible.
10. Determine the rated load of the electronic scale sensor used according to the selection of the electronic scale sensor range in the description. Although the electronic scale sensor has a certain overload capacity, it should be avoided during installation and use. Sometimes short-term overloading may also cause permanent damage to the electronic scale sensor.
11, in the use of high accuracy, electronic scales sensors and instruments should be used after 30 minutes of warm-up.
The above is all about the precautions for installing the electronic scale sensor. This article is provided by Shanghai Shigan Industrial Co., Ltd. and thank you for your continuous support.
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