Overlapping water supply equipment common models and their working principle

Overlapping water supply equipment commonly used models are XMW and AKK two series, described in detail as follows: 1, XMW series stacked water supply equipment models are: 1) XMW-I-type laminated water supply equipment: Working principle: is the first generation of stack Pressurized water supply equipment, using the pump up and down and the water supply mode in series, the use of water pipe network of the original pressure, without affecting the surrounding water users on the basis of superimposed supercharged water supply, so as to achieve energy saving and water conservation purposes ; 2) XMW-II-type laminated water supply equipment: How it works: is the second generation of laminated to whom the equipment, using parallel water supply mode, in the first generation of XMW-I overlying water supply equipment, add tap water 3) XMW-III electronic purification stack water supply equipment: Working principle: is the third generation of laminated water supply equipment, XMW-III electronic purification stack water supply equipment in the XMW -II second-generation overlying water supply equipment, based on the addition of electronic purification devices, tap water and XMW-III electronically connected to the purification of water supply equipment, the electronic purification device automatically tap water electronically net Processing, thus ensuring the absolute safety of water users and environmental pollution. 4) XMW-IV Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Superimposed Water Supply Equipment: Working Principle: It is the fourth generation of overpressure water supply equipment. XMW-IV energy saving and environmental protection overpressure water supply equipment is based on XMW-III electron purification lamination water supply equipment, adding super energy saving Environmental protection device, when the laminated water supply equipment to stop working, the configuration of the super power-saving device than the conventional laminated device saving up to 30% or more; 2, AKK-saving type laminated water supply equipment: Working principle: AKK type section Electric type laminated water supply equipment is a new fifth generation of energy-saving laminated water supply equipment, the equipment mainly by the high-voltage energy-saving compensator, high efficiency pump group, steady flow buffer device, water protection device, vacuum suppressor, steady flow Pressure device, flow meter, intelligent control system and other components. (This article is published by Asia Fluid Network, please indicate Asia Fluid Network)

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