Manshin smart lock advantage of joining?

The company's operating team was founded in 2006. After several years of development, it has formed long-term strategic cooperation between Panpan Group and Maxim Group. The Manshen Super B locks of the company have developed into a synonym for excellent brands and high security locks in China's lock industry. Then what are the conditions for joining the Manshin smart lock? What are the advantages of joining the brand? Today, we briefly introduce some information about the Manshin smart lock.

Joining advantage:

1: The whole network is on line and seamlessly connected under the line, with high quality promotion

2: Professional marketing support, team training support

3: Competitive industry revenue model

4: stable and reliable professional production chain


Join conditions:

1: I agree with the smart lock blue ocean market, have full confidence in the company's brand, recognize the company's marketing strategy, dare to start a business people can join

2: There are several markets to start operating funds

3: Unlimited number of merchants recruited by unified regional distributors. In the case of local agents, market resources and dealer management are managed by the agent.

4: Must have registered company and business license, and must have more than 3 business locations and marketing team for cooperation.

5: Priority is given to hardware, home building materials or real estate industry resources.

6: Regional exclusive agency has the full power of regional protection and resource allocation

If you want to enter the smart lock industry, it is very important to choose the smart lock's franchise brand. The cost performance of the product and the support of the manufacturer are very important in the future operation. We hope that the advantages of Manshin smart lock joining can help you today. If you still want to learn more about the Manshin smart lock, please leave us a message!

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