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In the bedroom, home textiles are items that we need to use everyday, such as bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and so on. When we buy home textiles, we usually pay more attention to its style, but its quality is actually very important. Its quality will directly affect our physical health. What are the textile brands ? Today, Xiao Bian came to talk with you about the home textile brand and how to purchase home textiles related knowledge, together to understand it!

What are the home textile brands

(1) Rollei (Chinese brand, first-line brand, home textile brand, Shanghai)

(2) Rich Anna (Chinese brand, first-line brand, home textile brand, Shenzhen)

(3) Meng Jie (China Famous Brand, Chinese Brand, First-line Brand / Brand, Changsha, Hunan Province)

(4) Violet (China Famous Brand, First-line Brand, Home Textiles Top Ten Brand, Nantong, Jiangsu)

(5) Mercury (first-line brands/brands, Shanghai brand, top ten home textile brands, Shanghai)

(6) Bo Yang (Chinese brand, home textiles top ten brands, large enterprise groups, Ningbo)

(7) Vosges (Chinese brand, first-line brand/brand, Shandong brand, Shandong Weifang)

(8) Kaisheng (China's well-known trademark, the top ten brands of home textile companies, Shanghai)

(9) Veken (first-line brands, top ten home textile brands, Zhejiang brand, Ningbo, Zhejiang)

(10) Great (China Famous Brand, Chinese Brand, First-line Brand, Danyang, Jiangsu)

Home textile products how to choose

1, from the perspective of environmental design

Different home styles are suitable for home textile styles, and different fabrics produce different results. For example, home textiles made of cotton and linen fabrics give people a sense of enthusiasm. The printed fabrics are natural, the silk is rich and gorgeous, and the velvet is elegant and dignified. The rough texture feels warm, and the smooth texture feels cool. The different visual effects of the texture are different, and the anger created is different. When decorating, you can choose according to your pursuit and interest.

2, starting from the purchase purpose

If you are using a wedding room layout or giving someone a wedding gift, then we must choose festive colors and patterns. If you are moving to a new house or sending a friend to move in, you must consider the environment of your new home.

3, consider the quality of the product

(1) Fabrics. First of all, we pay attention to its fabric, because it is in direct contact with our body. It is best that we choose pure cotton fabrics so that it will be more comfortable to use. The quality of the fabric lies first in the thickness and density of its yarn. Because the higher the density of the cloth, the better the quality of the desired cotton, the softer the feel, the more lustrous, and the higher the man-hour requirement, so regardless of pure cotton or polyester, the higher the density, the better the quality. Second, the fabric quality lies in its quality of printing and dyeing. Good quality products, its pattern printing and dyeing is better, there is no imprint, color, there is no dirt, decolorization phenomenon, and fake and inferior products have obvious color, printing, bleaching phenomenon.

(2) Filler. Its filling will directly determine the warmth, breathability, and durability of the product. We can look at its label description when purchasing, or consult a business. Generally speaking, wool, down and cotton, no impurities, no odor, and the use of shoddy inferior mixed with chemical fiber, or the use of general acrylic cotton, this product's feel is not smooth, not soft, fluffy, Poor air permeability.

Xiao Bian's words: If we find that they contain pungent odors when purchasing, it is likely that the product contains many harmful substances such as formaldehyde, we need to be careful to buy, and we must pay attention to home textiles when buying Material, try to choose some soft materials. The above is the home textile brand Xiaobian and everyone to explain and how to buy home textiles related knowledge, and hope to give you some reference! More related content, you can pay attention to Qijia information, follow-up will present more exciting content!

What are the home textile brands

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