Stealth coating improves solar panel efficiency

On July 11, British media reported that in the laboratory, researchers used a stealth coating to conceal the metal strips used in solar panels, increasing the efficiency of such devices using solar energy.

Martin Schumann of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and his colleagues used a stealth coating to make a sample of a solar panel. A layer of cover was added to the metal contact strips responsible for extracting current throughout the panel.

Although these metal strips play a key role, they also reduce the amount of light the panel can absorb, resulting in a reduction of efficiency by approximately 10%. Xu Man said: "In the end, solar energy must compete with all fossil fuels, and it is crucial to reduce costs and maximize efficiency."

Therefore, Xu Man and his colleagues designed a polymer-coated solar cell in the laboratory. They then textured the coating so that it could function as an "invisibility cloak," directing incident light around the metal contact strip to the solar cell.

The team installed enough contact strips on the panel to cover 6% of the panel surface. But after they added stealth coatings, efficiency increased by more than 6%, but increased by 9%. This is because some of the light that would not be absorbed by the solar panels and would otherwise be reflected is actually trapped in the stealth coating and is later absorbed.

The engineer of the Joan Noem Research Company in Austria, Gerhard Pechhas, said that this work is exciting but it has its own problems. He said that the texture on the invisible material creates a tiny space where dust can collect and block sunlight. Slowly, the ultraviolet rays in the sun can damage the polymer material that plays a stealthy role, thereby reducing the efficiency.

Pejaz said: "This work is very good, shows what we can do, but there is still a great distance from the application. They need to show that there is such a polymer material, which can be achieved after engraving texture This effect can also be reliably used in the outdoor environment of Arizona desert for 20 years."

Xu Man admits this is a problem. He wanted to place the entire solar module in a glass container, effectively isolating it from the environment to protect the coating. But he still does not know how this will affect efficiency.

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