The impact of low temperature and low rain in Hainan is relatively light, and more attention needs to be paid in the future.

On January 4, 2011, it was affected by strong cold air, and the cooling in various areas of Hainan Province was obvious. As of January 9, the low temperature and rainy weather continued for 6 days. It is characterized by weak strength, short duration and small range of influence.

Although the intensity of low-temperature and rainy weather is not strong recently, it has a certain impact on some fruit trees, winter melons and aquaculture in Hainan Province. Unfavorable weather affected the growth and flowering pollination of bananas and mangoes; and caused the photosynthesis of most melons to decline, the growth was hindered, the melons and vegetables were easy to cause falling, the resistance of pests and diseases decreased, and the melons and vegetables were also affected by cold damage. The continuous low-temperature and rainy process makes the aquaculture species feed and grow slowly, and is also prone to disease, resulting in higher prices of cultured aquatic products in different regions.

According to the meteorological department, from the 10th to the 16th, the south of Wuzhi Mountain is cloudy and cloudy with local showers; the north of Wuzhi Mountain is cloudy, and there are light rains in most of the time. Among them, from 11th to 12th, there are local Medium to heavy rain. In terms of temperature, from 10th to 12th, the lowest temperature in the north of Wuzhi Mountain is 10~13°C, the highest temperature is 16~21°C, the lowest temperature in the south of Wuzhi Mountain is 14~17°C, the highest temperature is 22~25°C, and the temperature from around the 13th Slowly climb. The overall weather situation is that in late mid-January and late January, cold air activity is still frequent, the average temperature may be lower than normal, and sunshine is less than normal.

Agricultural production advice

At present, the low temperature and rainy weather process in some areas may last for 3 to 4 days. In the next 20 days, we still need to focus on the impact of low temperature and low sunshine on the province's agriculture.

1. Pay close attention to the process of low temperature and rainy weather. The winter seedlings in the seedling stage should strengthen the light as much as possible, improve the light and productivity of the seedlings, ensure the normal growth of the seedlings, and appropriately spray the growth regulators in the flowers and fruits to reduce the falling flowers. And fruit drop. In addition, continue to do a good job of warming and warming and disease prevention and control of melon gardens; after the weather is warming up, we should increase the amount of fertilizer to promote rapid growth in time, try to win the winter market and increase the output value.

2. Rainy weather, the growth of rubber trees will be inhibited, it is recommended to stop cutting trees. Weed removal in rubber forests to avoid pests and diseases. In addition, pay attention to the control of the greening and fertilization of the old tree fat points in Jiaoyuan to ensure normal production in the coming year.

3. Banana, "March Red" lychee, etc. Pay attention to prevent cold work and avoid adverse effects of low temperature hazard on production. At present, precipitation in some parts of the southern part of the province continues to be less and less, and it has an adverse effect on the early-maturing varieties of the litchi, "March Red" and mango heading and flowering. The corresponding orchard should pay attention to timely and proper irrigation. After the weather warmed up, the last autumn leaf color of the longan did not enter the green and mature plants, paying attention to the application of foliar fertilizer to promote its timely entry into the relative dormant period to accumulate nutrients.

4. All localities should do a good job of heat preservation of cultured species, and feed them appropriately in combination with the feeding conditions of cultured species. Conventional fish broodstock should be cultured in a special pool. Recently, the intensive cultivation in the early stage has been carried out to increase the fertilizer and promote the development of the gonads to ensure smooth spawning next year. For the New Year's Day, the Spring Festival, and the commercial fish, shrimp and crabs listed in April-May of the following year, it is necessary to raise the special pool, feed the feed regularly, keep the water fresh, promote its protection, and ensure the holiday is safe.

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