Balance valve features introduced

Counterbalance valve is equivalent to a local resistance can change the throttle element, for incompressible fluid, the flow equation available. Compared with other valves, the balance valve has the following main features: (1) linear flow characteristics, that is, the pressure in the valve before and after the same circumstances, the flow and opening generally linear relationship; (2) a precise opening Instructions; (3) a degree of opening locking device, non-managers can not easily change the opening; table connection, can be easily displayed before and after the valve pressure and flow through the valve. Although balancing valve has many advantages, but its application in air conditioning water system there are still many problems. If these problems are not solved well, the characteristics of the balance valve can not be fully revealed. The role of the balance valve is to regulate the system, each distribution point (such as each floor) of the scheduled flow. Equalizing valves are installed at the entrance of each building to allow the total flow of the heating system to be properly distributed.

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