Analysis of Market Share of Flow Meters

Introduction: Currently, several major multi-product suppliers such as EMERSON, YOKOGAWA, EH, and KROHNE in the flow meter market appear in the rankings. In different sub-fields, they have their merits. In the ever-growing flow meter market in China, a large number of private enterprises have also emerged. Although it is not the main force of the market, it also shows the rapid development of China's domestic meter market.

1. Electromagnetic Flowmeter Market Currently, electromagnetic flowmeter technology in China is mainly represented by ABB, Krohne, and Yokogawa. The technology of domestic manufacturers is generally derived from ABB's technology. Krohne's low-frequency square-wave excitation electromagnetic flowmeters are mainly large-diameter products and are widely used in the water industry. Yokogawa's dual-frequency excitation technology, especially small-diameter products below 100mm, has a high market share in the papermaking industry. In 2008, the overall market size of electromagnetic flow meters was 730 million. The top three KROHNE, YOKOGAWA and EH occupy 45% of the market's market share, and their market share exceeds 10% respectively. Chuanyi, Kaiyi and ABB are the representatives of the second tier. Although their performance is less than 10%, they are growing rapidly. Other market share is less than 5%, but Siemens' growth rate in the process industry in recent years cannot be underestimated.

2. Vortex flowmeter market vortex flowmeter From a technical point of view, Krohne's vortex flowmeter represents the highest level of technology in the current market, but due to the high price level. Since Yokogawa entered the Chinese market earlier, there are more application cases in the urban heating industry, and the user acceptance is relatively high. EH and Emerson have seen rapid growth in the vortex flowmeter market in recent years. Competition in the petrochemical and chemical markets is fierce. The rapid rise of local vortex flowmeter production plants, such as Shanghai Kent and Beijing Fibo, are relatively well-known manufacturers. However, the market size of these rising stars is generally not much, about 10 million. If you want to break through the bottleneck of the market, you still need to start from research and development of high-end products and increase your R&D strength.

3. Mass Flow Meter The market's undisputed leader in the mass flow meter market is EMERSONMICROMOTION. Although other manufacturers such as YOKOGAWA, KROHNE and others have their own mass flowmeters, their market sales are far inferior to those of EMERSON. Both in terms of technology and in the market, they are myths created by EMERSON. However, in recent years, these companies have stepped up the promotion of mass flow meters, and one single situation may change in the future. The development of mass flowmeters in China has not stopped, but due to some limitations of the state-owned system, the flow of technology overshadows the essence of technology. On the other hand, mass flowmeter technology is indeed more difficult than electromagnetic and vortex street, so the local The mass flow meter has not been developed, and the only two are currently at the level of 10 million. Its application can not enter the mainstream market.

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