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The 12th Five-Year Power Grid has a clear scale of intelligent investment, and the absolute leader has benefited greatly.
The technological transformation of the power industry has been accelerating and the electricity investment has been gradually transformed. Clean energy continues to develop rapidly. The Chinese smart grid has entered a new era of comprehensive construction. Technical standards have gradually taken shape. The demonstration and promotion of smart grid pilots has accelerated, and the urban and rural power grids have been upgraded and accelerated. The rapid development of the secondary equipment sub-industry leading enterprises provides great opportunities.
During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the total investment in the grid's intellectual property investment by the State Grid Corporation of China was 286.11 billion yuan, and the average annual investment was 57.22 billion yuan, which was more than double the average annual investment of 112.5 billion yuan. It involves six links: power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, electricity use, and dispatch.
In August 2009 and February 2010, the State Grid Corporation of China launched the first batch of nine and twelve pilot projects. The development of these pilot projects has laid a solid foundation for the construction of a strong smart grid during the 12th Five-Year Plan period.
Looking at the current environment, the overall investment rate of power equipment has slowed down in 2011, but the smart investment in power grids has not decreased, but has increased. We believe that after the State Grid has vigorously pushed forward the construction of UHV exchanges, the investment focus will be gradually shifted to the construction of a smart grid that will actively build a strong smart grid based on the UHV AC grid.
Twelve UHV DC transmission lines will be constructed in the next five years. A feast of 248.6 billion yuan will be in sight.
The 12th Five-Year Plan puts UHV construction in the government's work report for the first time. This is a major advantage of UHV construction in the next few years. However, this good point is considered to be biased. The key word is that the expression of UHV has changed from the original power grid to transmission. The difference between the two words indicates that the future large-capacity transmission between regions will be dominated by UHV DC. At the same time, three vertical and three horizontal UHV AC grids will be built within the Sanhua (North China-Central China-East China) regional power grid. The construction of UHV ACs will be slimmed down. UHVDC power transmission will not be affected and will even increase the scale of construction.
U.S.-A.K. exchange approval progress is slower than expected, but good start is half of success.
The UHV AC line has been under full-load operation is one of the major concerns of the opposition to UHV AC construction. The 1,000-volt Jindongnan-Nanyang-Jingmen UHV AC pilot demonstration project has successfully completed the first phase of the heavy load test and partially broke this. This kind of doubts will have a positive impact on the smooth implementation of UHV exchange construction in the future. We believe that although the progress of the U.S.-wide U.S. exchange approval process is slower than expected, a good start is half of the success, and U.S. high-voltage exchange follow-up development is optimistic.
Focus on National Power Nanrui, Polytechnic Monitor, Zhongneng Electric, Neusoft Carrier, Pinggao Electric and TBEA
Smart meters, power management and acquisition systems, it is recommended to pay attention to the new United Electronics, Neusoft carrier (to master the core technology, in recent years is the outbreak of performance); intelligent power distribution, intelligent scheduling, it is recommended to pay attention to State Power Nanrui (smart grid leader , Endogenous and epitaxial growth can be expected), Zhongneng Electric (leading companies in the distribution sector, actively planning the integration of the industrial chain); in the aspect of flexible transmission, it is recommended to pay attention to Rongxin shares (mainly stable growth, new product in volume); digitization In terms of substations, it is recommended to pay attention to State Power Nanrui and State Power Nanfang. Smart transmissions are recommended to focus on the technological detection (high technical barriers and high performance elasticity).
UHV focuses on several leading companies. Listed companies in turn recommend Pinggao Electric (switching leading, a subsidiary of State Grid), China Xideng (the most complete product line for UHV equipment, with abundant orders in hand), TBEA (transformers) Leading enterprises, actively deploy new energy industry chains, and coal resources have great potential for development. UHV equipment will become a business card for China's high-end equipment manufacturing to the world.

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