Towards a deeper level of CAD collaborative design

With the development of information technology, the huge potential contained in it has gradually been recognized by people. Information technology has brought new solutions to various enterprises, helping enterprises to enhance their strength and catalyzing the reform of management systems. The same is true in the field of CAD design. A large number of secondary development software allows us to face various situations more flexibly, and the growing graph document information makes the design elements more abundant.

However, at the same time that various professional CAD softwares were introduced, the corresponding information management level was not improved. Various information including image files and data in the enterprise was growing at an extremely fast speed, which made it difficult. Classification, unclear destination, difficult retrieval, data loss, lack of security, and inability to share. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to introduce the concept of collaborative design.

Collaborative design refers to the process of coordinating and coordinating between different design departments and different professions within the design enterprise and jointly completing a project through information means. Collaborative design focuses on improving the level of information management, strengthening the coordination of design teams, promoting the optimal allocation of resources, and comprehensively building the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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To realize CAD collaborative design, the key is to build a CAD collaborative design platform, so that various information can be effectively classified, communicated and shared under the management of this platform, so as to achieve more optimal configuration of information resources. Among them, Haochen CAD collaborative design management system 2011 is the product of this concept. After application, it can help the design unit to improve the following aspects.

1. Realize effective and efficient collaborative work

The system can effectively meet the actual needs of the design unit's information project management, map document data management and production office OA. From the start of the project to the design process, all the contract documents, drawing documents, reference documents, meeting documents and process management, schedule control, data statistics, etc. required in the project process can be efficiently used through the system. Implementation is an information-integrated solution that meets the data level collaboration standard of the layer.

2. Effective centralized management of drawings and materials

Through this system, the CAD drawing documents generated by the design unit in the daily work will be collected and classified uniformly, so that the unit management personnel can better manage and control the information of these drawing documents, on the one hand, it is convenient for future work. Backtracking, calling, and on the other hand can avoid information leakage.

3. Internal communication efficiency is improved and error rate is reduced

In the modern design unit, due to the increasing scale, the information expansion speed is getting faster and faster. Once this information is not effectively managed, it will waste a lot of human resources on internal communication, and it is prone to errors. After applying the Haochen CAD collaborative design management system, it can exert its powerful information management capabilities and improve internal communication efficiency.

In addition, Haochen CAD collaborative design management system also has the following significant application advantages: reducing the management cost of design units; benefiting designers, management satisfaction; providing scientific and accurate data sources for enterprise management; massive process assets Turn waste into treasure; tap potential demand and crisis, grasp opportunities and early warning crisis in advance; provide authoritative basis for leadership decision-making; become an efficient management enterprise; unified management, remote monitoring; process standardization, standard unification; process visible, results controllable Wait.

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In general, Haochen CAD Collaborative Design Management System 2011 is a CAD collaborative design platform based on design process management, with information sharing as the core and service frontline designers. It has broad application prospects in the future. Interested readers can also log on to Haochen CAD official website for more details: http://

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