New type of cement material

Researchers at Stanford University invented this innovative cement material by studying the formation of coral reefs. The researchers imitated the coral growth process and dissolved carbon dioxide in seawater to produce calcium carbonate to make cement. This kind of calcium carbonate cement is very suitable as a building material. At the same time, compared with the traditional Portland cement, this new type of cement absorbs carbon dioxide rather than emits carbon dioxide in the production process, which is of great significance to the increasingly deteriorating environment that needs urgent protection. At present, researchers have established a manufacturing facility to market this new type of cement technology, and its development prospects are very promising.

Fire hoses come in different types.

 According to material classification, include EPDM Fire Hose,Synthetic Rubber Fire Hose,Natural Rubber Fire Hose, TPU Fire Hose, PVC Fire Hose .

According to the diameter classification, include large diameter firehose and small diameter fire hose.

According to the production craft classification, include one-step hose, two-step hose, double-coating fire hose, double jackets fire hose, Reel Hose .

According to use classification, include industry fire hose, agriculature fire hose,

Fire brigade fire hose.


Fire Hoses

Fire Hoses,Ul Fire Hose,Fm Fire Hose,Med Fire Hose


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