Home decoration wallpaper how to choose the overall unity is very important

Home decorating When choosing a wallpaper, you mainly choose patterns and colors. Wallpaper production companies in the production of wallpaper, each pattern will have several different combinations of colors, so after determining the pattern, we must repeatedly compare the effect of various color combinations, and to be the same as the overall style of home decoration, color, Special attention should be paid to examining the effect of using a large area, so that you can choose a wallpaper that is suitable for your living space.

The small room can use the light-colored wallpaper with good visibility to diffuse the visual space, and the large room can be compact and gorgeous with the dark wallpaper of large flowers. The living room is more suitable for cool color imitation silk wallpaper, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere. Landscape, flowers, birds, cartoon characters and other wallpaper are more suitable for the Chinese people's aesthetic concept, but the decorative effect of large areas of paste can be unsatisfactory and abstract wallpaper wallpaper alone, look very disorganized, but the decorative effect of a large area of ​​paste Very good, especially suitable for use in the decoration of large spaces such as the living room.

Specifically in the purchase process, look at the surface of the wallpaper to see if there are color differences and bubbles, avoid the paper flower case is clear, color. After reading it. You can touch the wallpaper with your hand and feel if its texture is good and the thickness of the paper is the same. You can also cut a piece of wallpaper and wipe the paper with a damp cloth to see if it is discolored. Attention should be paid to the regular manufacturer's brand logo and the component standards specified by the manufacturer. Whether or not there is a smell of nose, generally does not allow color mixing, disassembly, blemishes, and fading.

Wallpaper moisture

Although the wallpaper is beautiful, but also has its own weaknesses, such as easy to damage and damp, so pay attention to moisture treatment in the wallpaper construction and use. Before the wallpaper is posted, the base surface needs to be handled well, and the double-flying powder and the cooked rubber powder can be used for the batch hot leveling. After it dries out, apply the varnish one or two times and then post it. In order to prevent the wallpaper from getting wet and falling off, you can also apply a layer of moisture-proof coating. Brush it evenly, not too thick, and ensure that the moisture content of the base layer of the wall should be less than 8/100.

If you decorate with plastic wallpaper, because the plastic wallpaper will swell with water, it is necessary to moisten the paper and make the plastic wallpaper fully inflated. Glass fiber substrate wallpaper, wall coverings and so on. Composite paper wall and textile wallpaper should not be stuffy.

The maturity of the process has led to the appearance of waterproof wallpaper, which can effectively prevent moisture, but its moisture resistance is certainly inferior to ceramic tiles, so it is best to use it in dry areas of wet and dry toilets. However, if you like to change the wall frequently, waterproof wallpaper can be used in the wet area, basically one or two years to replace once no problem. In rooms where daylight is hard to reach, such as northern rooms, changing rooms, bathing rooms, and some low and dark rooms, the use of anti-corrosion wallpaper can effectively prevent poison and moisture.

Little common sense, some features of wallpaper decoration

The colorful styles, colors and colors of wallpapers are favored by more and more consumers. The unique texture of the wallpaper itself also makes it more attractive than paints and ceramic tiles. However, the wallpaper is particularly susceptible to moisture. In the construction process, special attention should be paid to the moisture-proofness of the wallpaper.

various kinds

The improvement of modern crafts makes the variety of wallpapers varied, and the wallpapers that are most frequently seen at present include paper wallpaper, glue surface wallpaper, and cloth wallpaper.

The paper surface wallpaper can be printed or embossed, and the substrate has good air permeability, so that the moisture in the base layer of the wall can be dissipated outwards without causing discoloration or bulging. This wallpaper is cheaper, but it is easy to wear and turn yellow. It is not water resistant and cannot be cleaned.

Plastic wallpaper is made of PVC plastic. It is very rich in variety and color. It is the most widely used wallpaper for home decoration. It is made by coating, printing and other processes. It is flexible, wearable, scrubable, and resistant to acids and alkalis. Sound absorption heat insulation function.

The wallpaper pattern should be unified with the overall style and color of the decoration

Plant fiber wallpaper is made of hemp, grass and other plant fibers. It is a high-grade decorative material with strong texture, non-toxic, breathable, and sound-absorbing. It makes people feel natural and harmonious and has natural beauty. However, due to the complicated production process, the price is expensive. The tensile strength of plant fiber wallpaper is 5 times that of ordinary wallpaper. If stains appear, it can be used not only for scrubbing but also for brushing.

Textile paper is popular nowadays. It is made of silk, wool, cotton, hemp and other fibers. It has good texture and good air permeability, but it is expensive. The use of such wallpaper to decorate the environment gives people a sense of elegance, softness and comfort, but the surface is prone to dust, difficult to clean, and must be equipped with a dust-washing device that can be used as a wall and ceiling decoration in a superior room.

Metal wallpaper is a kind of wallpaper made by coating metal film on the base layer. The lines formed by this kind of wallpaper are exceptionally spectacular, giving people a feeling of magnificent and magnificent, good resistance and good resistance. They are used in warm atmosphere such as hotels. ,restaurant.

Wallpaper wallpaper is a new kind of wallpaper, also called wallcloth. It is also a kind of fabric wall, but it needs to be used with the paint, and the color can be freely allocated with the color of the paint itself.

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