Appliance design defect recognition regulations need to be improved

When I just bought the LCD TV, I had a scorched smell when I watched it. The perpetrator was a cockroach. This looks like a joke, but the maintenance costs that have occurred have caused disputes. In response to an interview with this reporter, the relevant experts said that relevant departments should issue corresponding standards and regulations as soon as possible to provide effective evidence for the prevention and resolution of such disputes.

Mr. Tao, a consumer in Shanghai, recently purchased a 32-inch LCD TV worth more than 6,000 yuan. Only a month later, Mr. and Mrs. Tao discovered that the television had abnormal noises and a burning smell when playing. Mr. Tao hurriedly called the company's special maintenance department. The day after the color TV was taken away by maintenance personnel, Mr. Tao received a reply that made him cry and laughter. The maintenance department said that the burnt smell was caused by a dead cockroach. Since it does not belong to the scope of repair, consumers should pay 1200 yuan for maintenance costs. Mr. Tao expressed his unacceptability and immediately complained to the Consumer Protection Committee of Shanghai Hongkou District.

Secretary-General Zhao of the Consumer Protection Committee of Hongkou District explained that from the point of view of the photo records and the inspection of the Consumer Protection Committee staff, the situation described by the maintenance staff is true. After climbing into the television, a cockroach happened to be located at the circuit board junction. The cockroach was electrocuted to death, causing burnt smell and damage to the circuit board. However, the repairer believes that this is not a performance failure and does not oblige consumers to repair it for free. Consumers also feel embarrassed that they do not have any fault. How should they pay a premium of 1,200 yuan for a newly purchased TV for no apparent reason? Secretary-General Zhao said that it seems that accidentally crawling into a TV set appears to be accidental, but there is a poorly designed responsibility for the manufacturer.

Through the on-the-spot inspection, the cooling holes on the rear cover of the TV are the only way to enter the TV. Compared with the small circular cooling holes of other brands of TVs, the TV cooling holes of the brand TV are obviously larger and flat. This provides the possibility of crawling in. After consultation, through the joint efforts of the manufacturer and the maintenance department, all maintenance fees for consumers were reduced. Consumers only paid for the accessories and necessary shipping costs.

Coincidentally, the consumer Mr. Chen spent 16,000 yuan for the purchase of a LCD TV on the Spring Festival in 2006. On the evening of March 31, 2007, when he picked up the TV plug and plugged it into the power outlet, he only heard a bang. The television smoked, and there were no abnormalities in other electrical products and lighting at home. The next day, the maintenance personnel came to the door and found that the sound decoder board and a motherboard were burned out. However, the fuses of the machine were intact, and the switches and sockets were of no problem.

According to the analysis, the user may insert the plug into the socket and mistakenly insert the ground post on the plug into the hot wire hole to cause the internal ground of the camera. It is improperly used and does not belong to the scope of repair. However, Mr. Chen believes that sockets and latches are not equilateral triangles. And under normal circumstances, the ground wire is inserted into the fire wire, it will not cause damage to the machine. However, factory maintenance personnel insist that there is such a possibility. Mr. Chen told reporters: If so, why didn't the product design avoid such accidents? As home appliances, there should be relatively complete protection lines. In the event of any failure, these protection lines can minimize the loss of the user or even eliminate the danger automatically. This is entirely a design flaw. There are no warnings on the safety precautions and maintenance clauses of the warranty manual of the aircraft.

It is understood that in recent years, disputes over product design deficiencies have been on the rise, and some have even led to collective complaints. However, due to the absence of relevant laws and regulations, the solution to the problems is often deadlocked. For example, in March 2007, HP's all-in-one printers and scanners were designed to run in a harsh, dust-free environment. HP, on the other hand, could not find a specific solution to the problem. Less consumers have joined the HP3330 user class action lawsuit launched on the “China 3C Consumer Reports” website. In 2006, Panasonic's "dumb TV" also caused consumer complaints.

Secretary General Zhao pointed out that for merchants, the three parties of producers, sellers, and maintainers play different roles in the same consumption chain, but they share a social responsibility with consumers. In the event of consumer disputes, businesses should Resolving based on the attitude of mutual understanding, mutual accommodation, and reasonable sharing is not only a feedback to consumers but also the maintenance of corporate reputation. The Consumer Protection Committee also recommended that relevant industry associations be able to publish corresponding standards and regulations to provide effective evidence for preventing and resolving such disputes.

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