How to buy a qualified switch socket panel

1, look the appearance:

The style and color of the switch should match the overall body of the room. Smooth surface, no bubbles, no scratches, no stains, obvious brand marks. The inner and outer frames of a good switch are all made of PC. The PC material is commonly called bullet-proof plastic. Its fire-retardant performance, moisture-proof performance, and high anti-impact performance make it flame-retardant. Shock resistance. Resist arc. Heat resistant, hard, hard to dye, smooth appearance.

2, see the feel:

The switch feels light but not tight, and feels flexible when turned on. Plug insertion and removal should require a certain amount of force and be inserted by a single foot method, and the socket is stable. Copper sheets must have a certain thickness.

3, look at the structure:

There is a silver-white contact on the rocker end of the switch function. The switch is connected to the shutdown current. The good switch contacts are made of silver alloy. The purpose is to enhance the hardness of the silver. Increase its melting point to prevent melting of silver when the current is too high. The socket must be selected from the safe (with protective door) socket products, and confirm that the protection door should have the locking function when the socket is inserted into the single hole (when the plug is inserted in the two holes at the same time, the protection door can be used to complete the plug and socket (Patch action) to prevent child accidents.

4, see the weight:

When purchasing a switch, you should also weigh the components of a single switch. Because the copper inside the switch is the most critical part of the seven barriers. If it is alloyed or thin copper will not have the same weight and quality.

5, see the fluorescent bar:

The resin used for the fluorescent strips is slightly dark or gray. The fluorescent strips on the poorer switches are generally phosphors, and the phosphors are harmful to the human body. The fluorescent strips generally use phosphors are greenish in color.

6, see logo, certification:

Pay attention to the marking on the base of the switch, the socket, and the rated current and voltage. Switches and sockets are mandatory certification products stipulated by the China Quality Certification Center. When purchasing, please confirm the 3C mark on the product and the implementation of the national standard number. These codes are unique.

7, see packaging:

There should be a clear manufacturer's address phone number on the packaging surface, with instructions and certificates.

8, see the need:

If it is a switch socket that is specially installed for kitchens and toilets, a splashproof water box or a plastic baffle shall be installed on the panel. This will effectively prevent the intrusion of oil and water vapor. The long service life of the chamber will prevent short circuit due to moisture.

9, see service:

As far as possible to the regular factory designated store or point of sale to buy.

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