Home inspection can not be light: the problem of house decoration flooring outstanding

The quality of the floor directly affects the quality of living and overall appearance of the house. Therefore, in the inspection process, the floor acceptance is an important link in the acceptance process of the fully furnished room. Fully-furnished room wooden floor "common diseases" mainly include: color, drum, deformation, there is a deviation of height and when walking stampede, as well as blinking, cracks, scratches and so on. Tongtai Home Inspector Studio Home Inspector Introduction: At present, the floor of the renovated room is more prominent.

Acceptance of solid wood flooring first depends on the color of the floor is the same

If the color difference is too large, directly affect the appearance, you can ask for exchange; if the color is too consistent, almost no color, it depends on the floor surface pattern is the same. If the pattern is almost the same, it may be craft wood floor, not the material floor of the so-called precious wood species. Some floor material suppliers nowadays use ordinary wood material flooring, but in the surface paste a layer of valuable wood veneer to shoddy, the reverse side with aluminum mooring stickers, said to be moisture-proof, in fact, is afraid to be seen The reverse pattern is inconsistent with the front.

The second step is to see whether the floor sounds, walk around on the floor during acceptance, the footsteps must be aggravated, especially the wall parts and door openings should pay more attention to acceptance, found that there are sound parts, to walk around to determine the specific location of the sound, Make a mark. In this case, you can ask to remove the resurfacing. The site where there are sounds is caused by non-standard operations and unqualified materials used by construction workers during the construction process. The operation is not standardized, mainly reflected in the fixed keel is not solid; material failure is mainly reflected in the ground keel without drying. Some renovation construction units use undried keel construction. The surface shows signs of drying. In fact, they did not dry.

Specification regulates the moisture content of decorative wood products should be controlled at about 12%

The keel with high moisture content will shrink in volume during the natural drying of the wood, causing looseness. Again, whether the flooring is deformed or warped, the acceptance method is to use a 2 meter long ruler, leaning against the floor, and the flatness should not exceed 3 mm. More than a few measurements, if the passing rate of 80% or more is considered qualified, and vice versa, is unqualified.

Sometimes we find that the floor is partially arched: if it is a solid wood floor, it is because it is too tight or the floor is too dry (water content is too low); if it is a laminate floor, it is a poor quality floor. Therefore, the arching of the floor is a serious quality problem.

Finally check the surface of the floor for defects such as blinks, crevices, and scratches. Commonly due to the untreated keel, there are locusts inside. When it was found that there was a blink, the floor was already almost cracked; gaps and scratches were known at a glance. The code stipulates that the gap in the floor should not be greater than 0.5 mm; the scratches are mainly caused by rough decoration, and if they cannot be repaired by waxing, they must be exchanged.

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