The General Administration requested that four batches of safety technology be promoted to achieve early results.

State Administration of Work Safety October 16 meeting of the Security Technology "group of four" project will promote the implementation of "national safety supervision bureau's decision on strengthening safety in production of scientific and technological innovation," the spirit of the deployment of the first batch of security technology "four A batch of "projects ( ie, a batch of research projects on safety production, a batch of transformable safety and scientific achievements, a batch of advanced and applicable technologies for safe production, and a batch of demonstration projects for safety production technology ) will be implemented. Yang Yuanyuan, deputy director of the State Administration of Work Safety, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Wang Shuhe, deputy director of the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety, presided over the meeting.

After listening to the representatives of the “four batches” project undertakers such as China Coal Science and Technology Group and China Academy of Safety Science and Technology, Yang Yuanyuan pointed out that an important factor in the safety production work was the implementation of “Technology”. "Xing'an" strategy continuously improves the support ability of science and technology to prevent accidents, and promotes the traditional way of relying on people to keep on guarding and administrative management, and to change to the new direction driven by laws and regulations, advanced technology and equipment support, and safety technology innovation.

In view of the current few problems in effectively preventing safety production accidents, the conversion rate of advanced and applicable scientific research results is low, the foundation of safety technology is weak, and the safety production technology standards cannot keep up with the development of the times. Yang Yuanyuan stressed that it is necessary to fully implement the spirit of relevant documents. In-depth study of major basic theories, key technologies and equipment projects that are urgently needed for R&D in different industries, accelerate the transformation of advanced technologies that have an important supporting role in preventing major accidents, and technical equipment with high technology maturity and broad market application prospects. Enforce the implementation of advanced and applicable technical equipment, strengthen the safety science and technology infrastructure, and strive to promote the establishment of a working mechanism combining markets, enterprises, production, research institutions, government and departments.

In order to promote the early results of the “four batches” of safety technology, Yang Yuanyuan requested that local safety supervision departments and coal mine safety supervision agencies should implement their responsibilities and do a good job in coordinating services for the project undertakers. The project undertaker should work hard to solve the problem of real science and technology in safety production, and make full efforts to compile the task book of safety science and technology research and the implementation plan of transformation of results, technology promotion and demonstration project construction, be brave to explore and innovate, and do a good job in project implementation. The national science and technology progress awards and scientific and technological achievements awards should be given priority to the national key level after the expert evaluation and acceptance of the research projects. The results transformation and advanced applicable technologies should be preferentially included in the key changes and promotion catalogues and tax special catalogues of the State Administration of Taxation to prevent serious accidents. Demonstration projects with universal significance should organize on-site meetings, be listed and included in the standardization construction.

At the meeting, the relevant responsible persons of the first batch of “four batches” project undertakers conducted project research and discussion in groups according to industry sectors.

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