It is the key to prevent the tide from coming to the floor during the rainy season in Shanghai.

In mid-June, Shanghai has ushered in the rainy season, and the rainy days have caused adverse effects on the floor of your home. During the rainy season, the weather is humid, and the pervasive moisture has a great influence on the solid wood floor. If it is not properly handled, the wooden floor will be moldy and deformed, and cracks, cracks, arches, concave plates, mildew spots, etc. will be brought to life. Trouble also reduces the life of the floor.

Here, we remind consumers that not only should we do waterproof and moisture-proof treatment in advance when paving, prevent problems before they occur, and pay attention to maintenance in the weekdays. This is the best way to cure the moisture of wooden floors.

Key point 1: Ground moisture is an important cause of moisture and mildew on wooden floors. When laying the floor in Huangmei, the moisture is the key, and the indoor ventilation and moisture-proof base should be done. Try to choose the brand wooden floor, in addition to the quality is guaranteed, the moisture resistance of the wooden floor is also done better. At the time of purchase, customers can also ask the household hygrometer to check the humidity of the wooden floor. The state stipulates that the final moisture content of wood in coastal areas such as Shanghai is ideally 12%~14%.

Point 2: The weather in Huangmei is very humid. It is very important to prevent rain and water from falling outside the window in the changing weather. The deformation, arching and curling of the wooden floor are closely related to the rain. In case of humid and hot weather, such as moisture on the surface of the floor, in addition to dry water in a dry cloth, the dehumidification function of the air conditioner can be turned on for dehumidification.

Point 3: In daily life, attention should be paid to the safety of water. If you accidentally have a small amount of water or soup poured on the floor, just dry it in time. The best way to clean the floor is to wring it out and wipe it to a non-drip rag or mop to wipe the floor surface. After mopping the floor, it is best to open the doors and windows, let the air circulate, and dry the floor as soon as possible.

Point 4: Strengthen the care to improve moisture resistance. The wooden floor is made of natural wood, which is more expensive than the body. Therefore, if you want to make the wooden floor more resistant to moisture, you should carry out waxing treatment after the wooden floor is laid. Users can use the new wooden floor. Use waxing for the first time after half a month or one month, then wax once every three months or six months. This will prevent the surface of the floor from being exposed to moisture during wet weather and prolong the service life of the wooden floor.

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