How to repair the feed mill

There are many green feeding mills on the market. It can cut feed vines, high stalks, and crush red sorghum and corn. It is a common machine in rural areas. With the extension of the use time, the machine often appears: the work is weak when smashing; it does not start, power on and other faults. Under normal circumstances, you can repair it yourself. First check the power socket, plug, power cord for oxygen-free fall-off, breakage, if not, you can plug in the power test machine. When the motor is energized and does not rotate, you can use the light to move the wheel and turn it. One of the two starting capacitors of the machine has a capacity failure. In this case, only new products are generally exchanged. In another case, the power is not rotated, and an external force can be applied to rotate but a weak current is emitted in the motor, which is caused by a slight leakage of the starting capacitor. If the current is too loud, the motor will not start at all, and it is determined that the starting capacitor is short-circuited (the motor coil is short-circuited and needs professional repair). In the absence of professional equipment, the capacitor (4UF/400V) can be removed first, and the two leads are respectively inserted into the neutral line and the hot line jack of the power supply to charge the capacitor, and then the two leads are short-circuited and discharged. If the discharge spark can be emitted at this time and there is a loud "beep" sound, the capacitor can be used; if the spark and the sound are weak, the capacity of the capacitor has dropped, and it is necessary to replace it or add a small capacitor. This method cannot be used if the capacitor has been damaged and short-circuited, and must be replaced with a new product of the same specification. nL2 China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving animal husbandry

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