Introduction of mortar-coated steel mesh rock wool board

The outer mortar mortar steel mesh rock wool board is a deep processing product of rock wool board, and the technical system includes building materials and construction. The rock wool board is used as the base material, and the self-developed automatic equipment is multi-passed and the cloth net is formed once. The core material of the rock wool board is built with multi-point metal anchors; the front of the board is covered with Adhesive glue, steel mesh and plaster; the back of the board is covered with adhesive glue, steel mesh and adhesive.

The overall sheet is flat and can achieve the surface texture required by the customer (such as granite texture, machine planing texture, fire board texture, etc.). The outer mortar, steel mesh and core material have good adhesion, and the multi-point metal anchor is anchored to make the plate have high compressive strength and tensile strength. The inner and outer steel meshes are rigidly integrated with the built-in multi-point metal sub-nails, and the plates can be cut as needed, and the performance is not changed, which greatly satisfies the use requirements. The externally coated mortar steel mesh rock wool board can be applied to the mortar grid practice, and is also suitable for the construction of the thermal insulation decorative integrated panel atlas (the inner layer steel mesh can realize the direct anchoring with the wall).

The externally coated mortar steel mesh rock wool board has greatly improved the difficulty of using the rock wool board for external wall insulation construction work, irritating the skin, unstable quality, stratification of rock wool board and poor bonding performance, etc. Reduce the construction period, improve the decorative effect and reduce the construction cost. The outer-coated mortar steel mesh rock wool board belongs to Class A fireproof thermal insulation material, and can be widely used for exterior wall exterior insulation of building walls, and is more suitable for independent use of thermal insulation decorative boards, and can also be used for exterior wall thermal insulation fireproof isolation belts.

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