Nine trends in the rapid development of China's lock industry

At present, the fierce market competition in the lock industry has shifted from simple price competition to product quality competition. Most enterprises truly recognize the importance of product quality, thus strengthening the ability of enterprises to implement standards and the ability to detect product quality. A representative laboratory and product testing center have been established, which has laid a solid foundation for improving the quality of Chinese lock products.

The first trend: the focus on the integration of culture and personality in industrial design. The hardware of the locks on the market is varied and varied. However, it is rare to bring various cultural connotations into the design concept from the beginning of a design. Yajie Hardware R&D team has been committed to this aspect of exploration and experimentation since a few years ago.

The third trend of locks and their supporting hardware is that the rise of biometric technology applications and the development of smart locks and smart hardware will raise the lock and hardware applications to a new level. Home intelligence will be possible in the near future. Enter the homes of ordinary people.

The second trend: attention to user experience and product humanity. From the application of the product, user needs, consumer habits, the developer conducts extensive and in-depth research on the indoor locks in the existing market, and combines the feedback from senior industrial customers such as the door factory to carry out a new design on the lock body function. To meet the needs of the family.

The third trend: the rise of biometrics applications and the development of smart locks and smart hardware will raise the lock and hardware applications to a new level. Home intelligence will likely enter the homes of ordinary people in the near future.

At present, smart locks with high technical and technological content, including password locks, IC card locks, and fingerprint locks, have gradually gained recognition for mid- to high-end consumption in market applications due to their unique convenience and gradual maturity of technology. And got a place. The fingerprint lock using biometric technology has a broader market prospect because of the uniqueness, non-reproducibility, easy to carry, unforgettable and non-lost characteristics of the fingerprint.

The fourth major trend: focus on product innovation and patent applications, enhance core competitiveness, and increasingly regulate intellectual property rights. Yajie has more than 200 patents, and it is still increasing at a rate of about 25 per year.

The fifth trend: a complete solution for locks and supporting hardware. At present, Yajie has formed a complete product line of 18 series of intelligent door locks, building door locks, door hardware and bathroom hardware. Yajie has always focused on the integration of hardware products and application systems with locks as the core and construction engineering hardware and furniture hardware. It has always been committed to becoming an expert in the lock industry.

The sixth major trend is to emphasize the attention to product details, to improve product quality, to reflect consumer tastes in detail, and to reflect the understanding of product content.

The seventh trend is: enterprises pay more attention to quality and brand: the essence of a really good brand is the crystallization of quality, durability and sustainable development; quality is the life of the enterprise.

The eighth trend: environmental protection, energy conservation and safety. The harshness of environmental issues calls for more effective action by responsible producers. Whether the products have passed the certification of environmental system and occupational health and safety system; whether the environmentally friendly electroplating process is gradually adopted, the use of cyanide is reduced, and 3+ chromium plating is adopted; whether the discharge standards of electroplating wastewater treatment and electroplating industry are met, manufacturers are paying more attention to The problem.

The ninth trend: This is also very concerned about consumers, that is, focusing on technology and quality certification, and product implementation standards are in line with international standards.

Take Yajie fingerprint anti-theft lock as an example, a good fingerprint lock should pass these technologies and quality inspection: domestic standards: security standards; international standards: product quality standards and international standards; quality certification has EU CE certification, US FCC certification and ISO9001 certification; Class A fire lock detection (GB12955-2008), fire door electronic anti-theft lock detection (GA374-2001) and Ministry of Public Security security product testing (GA701-2007 "fingerprint anti-theft lock general technical conditions").

Plastic Waterstop Seal provides water barrier across all joints in concrete structures by placing Water Stops into edges of adjacent concrete components. Water Stops are essential for use in all water retaining and water excluding structures, being capable of withstanding water pressure from either internal or external face.

Plastic back waterproof belt

Rubber Water-Stop Belt utilizes the rubber is high elasticity and the compression deformation characters, have the elastic deformation under each kind of load, thus to effective fastening seal, guards against infiltrates and leaks. It has high elasticity, ageing resistance, low compression deformation and good tearing strength performance.

steel rubber waterstop belt

Features of  waterstop
1. The  waterstop will expand when getting in touch with water, so allowing it to come into closer contact with the concrete, creating a better water-stop result.
2. Different thicknesses structure of  waterstop is adopted for the cross section, which is divided into the high-strength area, the waterproof area and the installation area, allowing for uniform and reasonable stress for all portions.
3. There is installing hole at installation area of waterstop, it could facilitate fixed with adjacent reinforced, and not produce shifting. Construction of our Rubber Water stop is convenient
Steel side waterstop

rubber Water-Stop Belt function: mainly used for the tunnel and bridge project,such as the overpass ,water and electricity projects etc.
two types:1 affixed to the back-half hole in the middle 
               2 embedded in the middle with hole
features: good flexibility; strong ability to adapt to the deformation;simple structure;reliable water tight seal.
concrete specifications can be requested by client.
Watertight hose in rubber

Rubber back waterproof belt

Water-stop Belt

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