Wood floor installation FAQ

1. The reason for the sound of empty drums is caused by improper fixation. The main reason is that the number of hair boards and keels, the number of hair boards and floor nails is small or the nails are not firm. Sometimes it is caused by shrinkage of the moisture content of the board or the glue is not qualified. To. Therefore, the process of rigorously testing the moisture content of the board and the quality of the adhesive is particularly important. It can be used only after passing inspection. The nail should not be too small during installation.

2. The main reason for the unevenness of the surface is the unevenness of the grass roots or the deformation of the floor planks. During construction, the level of the keel is leveled with a level ruler, and if it is not, it should be adjusted. Ventilation slots should be made on the keel. A 10 mm ventilation gap should be left on the board margin wall. The insulation material must be dry to prevent the wood from picking up the damp drum. The flatness of the wooden floor surface should be within 1 mm.

3. Reasons for lax seams In addition to the non-standard installation during construction, the large width and dimensional errors of the plates are also important reasons.

4. The main reason for the partial buckling is not only due to the moisture deformation of the board, but also the patchwork seams of the wool board are too small or seamless, and the water leaking from the hoses during use is caused by wet floors. After the floor is covered, the paint on the floor paint should be complete. In daily use, water should be prevented from flowing into the lower part of the floor, and the surface water must be cleaned in time.

5. Environmental protection tools should be used during the cutting process to avoid hazards caused by harmful materials such as sawdust, dust and formaldehyde.

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Thick Livestock Stable Horse /Cow Rubber Mat

            It belongs to the agriculture rubber products and it is widely used in farm. Factory direct manufacturer.Surface protection, impact absorbing, non-porous/ absorbing, anti slip design.

Can cover large areas, reduces damage to trays, floor, etc. Avoids bacteria build-up, reduces chance of animal slipping.


1).Environmental protection. Without any chemical additions or pungent smell which may have side effects on cows.

2).Unique low-density pound pattern design plays a very good role on massage and anti-slip.

3).Outstanding durability, soft, provides cows a comfortable environment.

4).Space-saving, easy to manage and clean.


Company information:

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Cattle Stable Mat

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