5 points to choose the most practical shower room

The shower room in the sanitary ware room is very important, and the humanized choice: comfort and safety are the places where the shower room can best reflect the humanized design. The first is the comfortable temperature. The two-way adjustable temperature control button installed inside and outside the shower room allows the elderly and children who are especially sensitive to temperature to use the most comfortable warm water from the very beginning.

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The most practical choice: Choosing a partition around the shower curtain will not only fully reflect the romantic atmosphere, but also maximize the space when the shower curtain is put away. This is especially suitable for young people's fashion choices.

Avant-garde choice: Due to its clever design, the glass partition as a shower room can be folded. The transparent glass door is equipped with a hinge that can be opened and closed, and a stylish shower room can be easily assembled from the wall. When it is fully retracted, it is still part of the wall. This sort of combination of space will bring a lot of fun and enjoyment to life.

Enthusiastic shower room: The color of the shower room is usually relatively single. Choose a shower room made of colored transparent materials do not have a flavor, such a shower room installed in their own homes will become a beautiful landscape.

The most economical choice: If you don't have too many budgets, you need more enjoyment. It is possible to abandon costly styling and choose a cost-effective shower panel that not only has a full-featured function, but also has a relatively small footprint. It can be installed in places that are easily overlooked, such as space corners, and enjoy the benefits of showering and massage.

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