Microbial pesticide use method template

Kind on the market today have a lot of biological pesticides, microbial pesticides is one of them, the use of microorganisms or microbial metabolites of pesticides to control pests and diseases of crops, then you know the correct method of microbial pesticide use it? Along with his small following China Pesticide Network Let's take a look at it.

1. Master the temperature. The activity of microbial pesticides is directly related to temperature, and the suitable temperature for the use environment should be above 15 °C and below 30 °C. Below the appropriate temperature, the bio-pesticides sprayed are slow to propagate in the pests, and it is also difficult to function, resulting in poor product efficacy. Generally, the control effect of microbial pesticides at 20-30 ° C is 1-2 times higher than that at 10-15 ° C.

2. Grasp the humidity. The activity of microbial pesticides is closely related to humidity. The larger the farm humidity, the more obvious efficacy, especially powdered microbial pesticide. It is best to apply the medicine when the dew is not dry in the morning and evening, so that the microorganisms can rapidly multiply and play a better control effect.

3. Avoid glare. Ultraviolet rays have a lethal killing effect on microbial pesticides. In direct sunlight for 30 minutes and 60 minutes, microbial mortality can reach 50% and 80%. It is best to choose a cloudy or evening application.

4. Avoid rain washout. It is light rain after spraying, which is beneficial to the reproduction of active tissues in microbial pesticides and will not affect the efficacy. However, the rainstorm will wash away the liquid sprayed on the crops, affecting the control effect. According to the local weather forecast, timely application of drugs, avoid heavy rain and heavy rain to ensure insecticidal effect.

In addition, the virus-based microbial pesticides are highly specific and generally only act on one pest and have no effect on other pests. For example, the Plutella xylostella granulosis virus can only be used to control Plutella xylostella. Before use, we must first investigate the occurrence of pests in the field, arrange the prevention and treatment period according to the occurrence of pests, and timely use the medicine.

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