Bathtub mixer height Bathtub faucet purchase method

The bathtub faucet is an important part of the bathroom. The height and installation of the bathtub faucet must achieve the best results. The bathing experience in the bathroom is a lot of considerations. To increase the experience, of course, the height of the bathtub leader must be strict. Then, the next small series for everyone to introduce bath faucet height and bath faucet to buy methods.

Bathtub faucet height

The suitability of the bathtub faucet is directly related to the user's convenience and comfort. The bathtub is equipped with separate free-standing bathtubs and above-table bathtubs. The free-standing bathtub can be equipped with a concealed bathtub faucet when placed against a wall. When you are standing alone, you usually have a floor bathtub faucet. The stage width of the above-mentioned bathtub is 900mm, the bottom of the bathtub is 100mm from the floor, the height of the bathtub is 550mm, and the installation height of the bathtub tap is 750-850mm (dark-mounted). This will ensure a comfortable bathing experience.

Bathtub faucet shopping method

1. Modeling options: The handles and outlet pipes of the faucet are of various shapes, most of which are streamlined, and various linear or curved faucet shapes can be matched with the minimalist style decoration. When installing, it is necessary to calculate the height of the faucet and shower installation so that it can be used conveniently when bathing.

2. Look at the appearance: The surface chrome plating process of a good faucet is very particular about it. Generally, it takes several steps to complete it. Resolving a faucet depends on its brightness. The smoother and brighter the surface, the better the quality.

3, turn the handle: a good faucet in turning the handle, there is no excessive clearance between the faucet and the switch, and the switch is easy and unobstructed, do not slip. Poor quality taps not only have large gaps, but also have a large sense of obstruction.

4. Listen to the sound: The leading material is the most difficult to distinguish. A good faucet is cast copper as a whole and it sounds boring when struck. If the sound is brittle, it must be stainless steel, and the quality will be worse than a grade.

5, Mark: If you do not know, you can choose a regular brand. General regular goods have manufacturer's brand identity, and some non-regular products or some quality products often only stick some paper labels, and even without any mark, must pay attention to when purchasing.

Editor's summary: This is the introduction to the bathtub faucet height and how to buy the bathtub faucet. For more information, you can follow this site information.


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