Six major trends in household consumption forecast

Trend 1: "Home" becomes "Home"

Facing the market pressure under fierce competition, integration, transformation and innovation have become the consensus of many insiders. Many store managers said that we should think about this issue in reverse, why not turn the home store into a home store and expand the living space? Replacing "home" with "home", the range of products in this way of business is not limited to building materials and furniture items. Anything related to "home" can be covered, turning the current single home store into building materials, Furniture, home textiles, home appliances, apparel and other comprehensive shopping malls with complete clothing, food, housing, and transportation provide one-stop shopping for consumers, so there is no need to worry about the problem of excess.

Trend 2: The industry has entered the "mini-profit era"

With the rise in labor and raw material prices, it is inevitable that the increase in product cost will lead to a rise in product prices. Any industry that has matured will enter the "mini-profit era", and home furnishing manufacturers and distributors cannot always be at a high profit level. The era of profiteering in the home furnishing industry is over. With the survival of the fittest in the market, some products will increase prices and some products will decrease prices. People in the industry believe that once the home furnishing industry enters the "mini-profit era", enterprises must make full use of raw materials, reduce inventory and take advantage of labor benefits, optimize procurement and sales links, and other opportunities to bring new economic benefits to enterprises because of the cost of each process Control is the best time to obtain profit growth points.

Trend 3: “Polarization” of tile size

In 2011, as the degree of specialization in the ceramic tile market continues to increase, consumers have more diverse choices in ceramic tile size, and the ceramic tile size will show a trend of polarization. On the one hand, as more and more consumers are pursuing the "seamless" effect of decoration, "large" tiles are becoming more popular. In terms of intuitive effects, large tiles are more prominent than traditional tiles in terms of color, texture and decoration. On the other hand, small-sized tiles are more popular than in the past. Many people find that small-sized square tiles can create many new changes, suitable for small-area walls, and the visual layering is more obvious than common sizes.

Trend 4: Home improvement please "third party" supervision

Because the decoration is highly professional, it is not necessarily understandable. In order to save trouble, many owners began to invite some independent supervision companies to check their own decoration. According to industry estimates, in 2011, more and more owners will choose "third-party" supervision to serve themselves. Because "third-party" supervision and decoration companies have no interests, they will be completely on the side of the owners and consider them for the owners. Although the decoration cost is a part of the cost of the supervision, the supervision will also supervise the decoration process according to the actual situation of the owner to avoid unnecessary additions and double billing. The overall cost may not increase much, and the decoration Quality can be guaranteed again.

Trend 5: Softwear avoids "one side"

In 2011, soft fittings will become a hot keyword in the home improvement industry and a new direction for the future development of the home improvement industry. According to the size and shape of the living room space, the owner's living habits, hobbies, and own economy, the soft decoration can comprehensively plan the decoration design plan, reflect the owner's personality and taste, and avoid the "one thousand family side". If you feel that the home decoration is too old or outdated, you don't have to spend a lot of money to renovate. You only need to change the curtains, decorations, daily necessities, etc., you can beautify the home, and avoid the big deal.

Trend 6: The kitchen is moving towards multi-function

Industry insiders predict that in the future, cabinets will be transformed from a series of furniture used for meal preparation in the kitchen, with storage and storage functions, into collection and storage, washing and cutting, cooking and frying, and even catering guests, leisure and entertainment, learning work Functional comprehensive furniture. The evolution of the extension of the cabinet concept interprets the breakthrough and sublimation of the connotation of the cabinet. The entry of TV, stereo, Internet, office and other equipment has changed the role of cabinets as working tools. From a design point of view, modern kitchen design is gradually changing traditional layouts such as wall cabinets and corner cabinets, and high-rise cabinets with more storage space have become alternatives. The layout is also constantly changing, from the original L-shape and U-shape to the central position of the kitchen. The cabinet is not on several sides of the wall, there is an island in the center, and the water and electricity pipelines go underground. It is developing in the direction of integration and integration.
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