Office furniture market is gradually rising, professional experience stores highlight

Looking back at the development history of office furniture marketing, looking at the national furniture monopoly model, furniture sales have gone from no marketing to marketing, from no store to a store, from a small store to a big mall, from a local area to all over the country, from low-end furniture From high-end furniture, from furniture products to office supplies, from the first-level market to the third-level market, from a single product to a series of products, from grasping quality to re-branding, from branding to cultural communication, and so on. What are the changes in the furniture store, can it open a new chapter and find a new way out?

Experienced professional stores gradually become mainstream

Most furniture stores do not include office furniture, even if it is not a key promotion, and the large-scale professional office furniture store like the office environment display experience mall in Shunlian Furniture City · North District is also the only fruit. Looking at the environment of office furniture stores in various districts, consumers are not difficult to find that the traditional food stall layout has become less and less, replaced by a carefully decorated, modern and functional office layout. The reporter observed that the current furniture store environment has gradually evolved into an experiential situation exhibition hall, and the store environment pays more and more attention to the consumer's feelings, more emphasis on comfort and experience, and convenient shopping.

Thematic scene experience is real and vivid

The characteristic of the theme experiential exhibition hall is that it combines the advantages of many commodities to simulate a real office environment. This sales model better reflects the collocation, use and decoration of office furniture. It is an intuitive consumption model that easily arouses consumers' desire to consume and facilitates consumers to choose. Each area has a corresponding theme, which is divided into simple style, European style, rural style, fashion style, classic style, etc .; according to the position level, it is divided into the office of the president, the office of the manager, and the office of the staff; Screens, meeting rooms, banquet rooms, lounges and other scenes simulate the corresponding office mode to place different combinations of office appliances, highlight the brand's advantageous products, unique style, and the style and layout of the office scene are also clear at a glance.

Solution experience is coming

Optimized solutions for the office environment have always been unavailable to consumers, and the emergence of professional office furniture stores in the theme situation experience has solved the problems of consumers. The professional office furniture stores have fully integrated space planning, Decoration accessories, color aesthetics, lighting applications, even metaphysical theories, etc., in the field of wide office furniture, the theme of the "model room" of the office, to give consumers a variety of reference templates to achieve the entire "space, furniture and people" three Harmony and unity among the consumers, this new and special display mode allows consumers to have a clearer concept of the office environment, helping consumers to purchase easily. Experience office furniture stores can be said to be a historic change in the furniture industry and an irreversible consumption trend.

Because the many advantages of the theme situation experience store model meet the needs of modern people's work and life, it has become one of the development trends of many office furniture stores. Office furniture and office environment professionals believe that the future office furniture stores will tend to be intelligent , Modernization and experience, you can experience the office after being shaped. The theme-situation-experienced professional office furniture store will allow customers to have a brand-new experience and feeling, so that the original boring office furniture purchase will become a very comfortable and enjoyable enjoyment.

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