The improvement and upgrading of the furniture retail industry depends on the change of dealers

The main body of the furniture retail industry is dealers, so for the improvement and improvement of the current industry, the key is how to properly coordinate the relationship between the parties to achieve a win-win situation. The problem was resolved as follows:

Dealer's "Sandwich Layer" Status

(1) Relationship between store and dealer

The core of the relationship between the store and the dealer is the store rent. The dealer hopes that the lower the rental cost, the better, and the store hopes that the more the rent is, the better. So this is a pair of inevitable contradictions. This contradiction is now increasingly inspiring, especially in The performance of first- and second-tier cities is particularly obvious, so many large cities now have a dealer "removal tide", but this pair of contradictions always exist and will exist for a long time. Although they contradict each other, they can coexist or even win. In the process of development, properly handle the relationship and interests of both parties, strengthen communication, shoulder the interests of both parties, and ensure that this is a viable and harmonious development of the contradiction between the sexes and it is also necessary. Dealers can promote their own brands through hypermarket promotion. More profits can be obtained through brand distributors.

(2) Relationship between factory and distributor

The factory has the core relationship of distributors in the number of stores. The factory hopes that distributors will open more stores. The more stores, the better, so that more products will be distributed to the store, and payment will be received in time. And dealers are more concerned about which factory and which product to choose to make money? Today ’s dealers are not as good as before. Generally, as long as they get the goods, they can make money. Especially since last year, everyone knows that there are not many dealers who make money. Under this kind of market, it is very troublesome to choose goods. One thing, so dealers will be more cautious in opening stores and picking up goods. This is also a relatively hidden contradiction.

(3) The relationship between the factory and the store

The relationship between the factory and the dealers used to seem less sharp. Anyway, it ’s the dealers ’business anyway. However, in order to let dealers quickly enter their stores, some hypermarkets will set up routines with the factory and let the factory give dealers Dealers are forced to enter without pressure, so the current situation of the dealers is like a "sandwich layer", squeezed up and down, not opening a shop does not make money, opening a shop is not necessarily profitable, and it may be eliminated by the factory if it is not fast, so say the day It's not very good.

(4) Relationship between stores and consumers

Are consumers satisfied with the relationship between consumers and hypermarkets? You see the promotional activities in the furniture store are flying all over the place: there are so many activities like buying 2000 to get 1,000, who is giving it? Factory delivery or store delivery? In fact, most of them are delivered by dealers? Even if you do this, will consumers buy it? I can tell you, never! Most of them think that the home industry is too humid, and it is a profiteering industry, especially after the Da Vinci incident, consumers are very convinced about this, so what is the reason for this consumer ’s distrust of the store What? In fact, fundamentally, consumers cannot be blamed, only some of the practitioners in the industry do not abide by the rules of the game, blindly advocating vicious competition and price wars. Therefore, to create a good consumer atmosphere, the industry needs to work together to curb improper competition.


The potential market for urbanization and new rural construction is huge

At present, the average level of urbanization in China is 49%. The continuous development of urbanization means that a large number of rural people have entered the city. By 2030, the level of urbanization is expected to reach 65-70%. The market consumption potential is huge. Our Shenzhen furniture research and development The institute has done research: There are currently 1.34 billion people in China, but the population who can afford complete sets of furniture is less than 400 million, which means that there are more than 800 million potential markets for nearly 900 million people, so you are now engaged in distribution Commercial work is still in its infancy, and the entire furniture industry is still in the middle stage of development. This is why China's furniture retail industry has been growing for so many years. The work you are engaged in is also promising.

Hard demand still exists

Although real estate regulation exists and has a certain impact on the home furnishing industry, but China ’s population base is so large, the absolute consumption value is still very large, and the hard demand will not change, only increase, because everyone wants to consume better Things and live a better life, so as long as the economy keeps growing, consumption will definitely increase.


Dealer's "easy corner" ease of mind

The biggest challenge is the challenge of the dealer's ability. Have you changed your mind and courage to change the industry? Most dealers are still sticking to the "sits business" way, choose a place to open a store, and invite a few people to be fine. In fact, can this kind of "partial security" mentality ease furniture; does the retail industry continue to grow bigger and stronger? The answer is obviously no. The old saying that "the rich nation must expand first" is the reason. If the country is rich and strong, it must first expand its territory.

The road to reform and development

Become a knowledge dealer

It is easy for everyone to understand that the progress of a person needs knowledge as support, and the same reason for the progress of an industry. The progress of the entire furniture industry requires the continuous accumulation of knowledge of a group of dealers.

To do this, we must first improve the spirit of dealers. Doing business is not limited to "feeding the family". Now most dealers do not say, there are hundreds of thousands of them, of course, raising a family is not a problem. That ’s the problem. Therefore, we must expand our career and make it bigger and stronger as a belief.

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The water solution at room temperature is 69%, and can be converted into the structure of epoxidation immediately under alkaline condition.






Colorless liquid

content%                    ≥


1,3-dichloropropanol  ppm    ≤


Epichlorohydrin   ppm            ≤


PH value



Soluble in water and 2- alcohol



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Because the use of continuous production process, product quality is stability;

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Application area

1) paper industry

Mainly as a liquid cationic etherifying agent, widely used in fiber, cellulose derivatives and starch modified; as paper internal application of adhesive, filler and fine fiber interception of additives.

(2) textile industry

Liquid cationic etherifying agent react whit cotton fiber, improve the dye binding; reacts with starch obtained cationic starch, as the sizing agent.

(3) water treatment industry

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(4) chemical industry for daily use

The reaction of aqueous cationic etherifying agent create cationic guar gum are important chemicals.

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3-Chloro-2-hydroxypropyltrimethyl Ammonium Chloride

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