Home furnishing industry seeks new channel model and aims at e-commerce

We have heard a lot of complaints about the excessive expansion of hypermarkets and the continued increase in rents despite market pressures. However, the commercial market is after all profit-seeking and profit-seeking, rather than letting people feel more reasonable, and expecting the store to give a little profit to the brand under "introspection" or "sympathy", it is better to actively respond, think about channel innovation What a breakthrough.

Brand alliance fight

Leading brands of cross-industry building materials and furniture such as Europai, Dongpeng, Nature, Wanhe, NVC Lighting, and TATA wooden doors, which have been fighting in groups for a few years ago, have been linked in sales. The launching ceremony of the Champions League has attracted much industry attention and even continued to question. Over the past three years, the momentum and scale of the Champions League have become larger and larger. Every year, the activities have been fully spread across the country. This year, nearly 1,000 events have been launched, including tier-2 and tier-3 cities. At present, the Champions League is intensively carrying out further explorations, hoping to change the alliance from a form of event aggregation to a localized, regular store form. This is undoubtedly a very competitive channel development. All parties involved in the cooperation share resources in brand communication, channel promotion, after-sales service, etc., and their products do not conflict, and they can fully grab the market share of their respective industries.

In the middle of this year, home furnishing companies including Marco Polo, Sofia wardrobe, Paco floor, Zhibang kitchen cabinets, unified wooden doors, Dongpeng sanitary ware also began similar attempts to jointly launch new products and discounts. The wind of fighting in the entire industry seems unstoppable.

Not only that, while the rise of cross-category brand alliances, as well as the leader of the cabinet industry, Europe, while striving to enter the wardrobe industry, they also pay more attention to expanding new channels to penetrate. They have carried out in-depth cooperation with many home improvement companies to integrate decoration The company's channels are also used.

Self-built independent store

Some people say that the rental cost of opening a 500-square-meter store in a hypermarket is enough to open a 2,000-square-meter independent store. Some big brands have begun to try more independent stores, flagship stores and concept galleries.

In Chengdu, Sichuan, the Palm Pearl Sands Fashion Concept Museum, Yudaiqiao Red Apple Store and Guancheng Plaza, which is mainly engaged in all-you-can-do, and the large independent stores directly adjacent to the Red Star Macalline Jialing Road King, instead of succumbing to the hypermarket. The independent stores of several large panel furniture companies have in common: all products have been greatly enriched and optimized in Chengdu to meet the "one-stop" shopping needs of customers in independent stores.

Pocket Pearl Sands Fashion Concept Museum has a total area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters. The upper and lower four floors are independent stores. The four floors have different functions. The first floor is Palm Pearl's soft furniture sales area, and the second floor and above are all panel furniture areas. Guancheng Plaza Meijia Home Furnishings covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters. The main business is All Friends Furniture, supplemented by more than ten other brands of high-end furniture products.

A CEO of a leading Sichuan enterprise commented: "All I have to do is to build my own network and create my own brand with the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. This is no longer subject to others."

Try water marketing, e-commerce

From a cost perspective, the most competitive is e-commerce.

Qu Mei is a pioneer in the e-commerce of the furniture industry, and the development momentum is quite good. Last year, the industry started to attract 80 million groups of amazing sales. "Tuan", until the recent "Huan Tuan heating", can get good results. Many consumers have begun to connect Qumei's furniture online shopping concept. Many times, when buying Qumei products, they do not go to the store, but to Taobao and Qumei mall.

With the inspiration of Qumei, many brands are competing to enter the field of e-commerce. Brands such as Bolognese, Gujia, Federal, and Gold Cabinets have all settled in Taobao Mall, and most of them have independent online stores. In the past 50% discount on the Taobao "Six One" Singles Day Mall, various brands have displayed all their activities to participate in the event. Perhaps this big discount is more like a high-intensity exercise for home furnishing brands, because whether supply and logistics can keep up is a key factor affecting home furnishing companies' e-commerce development. The centralized order taking driven by discounts can examine whether companies can cope with the challenges of e-commerce and understand where their shortcomings are in order to improve. Netease home reporters carefully paid attention to the user evaluation of various Taobao home companies after Singles Day. The largest transaction volume of Qumei can get a good response. Although the evaluation rate of slight damage to goods caused by logistics is quite high, Qumei customer service basically can. Resolve in time to allow customers to maintain basic satisfaction. The gold cabinets received the best evaluation among several home furnishing e-commerce companies I observed, and the user satisfaction is high. Consumers also said they would introduce it to friends around them to purchase.

Over time, e-commerce may become the biggest challenger in hypermarkets.

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