The 3rd China (Shanghai) Wood Products Expo

Exhibition Introduction
With the joint efforts of the same industry in China, the China (Shanghai) Wood Products Expo has exhibited a rapid growth trend for both exhibitors and professional visitors. There are a large number of exhibitors, high-level special equipment and large brands. The organizing committee is committed to turning Shanghai Wood Products Expo into a market-oriented and internationalized Asian industry event. The 3rd China (Shanghai) Wood Products Expo entered the No. 1 exhibition hall of the Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion, with an exhibition scale of 50,000 square meters. More than 300 brand wood product manufacturers, accessories and woodworking machinery companies participated in the exhibition. The four-day exhibition will attract 40,000 visitors from 32 provinces, more than 200 cities and overseas, and will jointly witness the design trends, technical processes, innovative ideas and brand image of the 2012 wood products industry.

Exhibition Outlook
With the successful closing of the second China (Shanghai) Wood Products Expo in 2011, the focus of Asia-Pacific media will shift to the third China (Shanghai) Wood Products Expo, the 2012 Sixth China (Shanghai) Staircase Import and Export Fair, the first The 2nd China (Shanghai) Bamboo Products Expo and. The exhibition area of ​​the third China (Shanghai) Wood Products Expo in 2012 will reach 50,000 square meters. Exhibitors include brand stairs, wood products and accessories, high-end stairs accessories, woodworking machinery, bamboo products, wooden doors, wardrobes and other industry customers. It is hoped that under the four-in-one operation mode of Asia-Pacific Media, it will create an excellent platform for exhibitors to join business, exchange and cooperation.

Exhibition time: May 14-15, 2012
Exhibition time: May 16-19, 2012
Withdrawal time: May 19, 2012 afternoon Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall 1

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