Seeing the consumption view of two generations from the cupboard

Last weekend, a reporter saw a scene in the cabinet area of ​​a building materials store in Jiangbei, Chongqing. A mother and daughter were arguing about whether the cabinet was "customized" or "self-made". Ms. Yang, a newly retired worker at home, thought "Homemade" cabinets are cheap and durable, why not do it; and daughter Zhang is a white-collar worker engaged in the IT industry, with a new trend of thought, that "customized" cabinets are designed with humanity, quality and service are guaranteed, and the convenience of future use Greatly improve. Can the cabinet choose "custom" or "self-made" can cause such a big debate between mother and daughter? For this reason, the reporter invited the mother and daughter to come to the general manager of the European marketing cabinet Chongqing marketing center Mr. Peng Xiaodong, asked him to be the mother The female disputes are answered.

Mother: "Self-made" cabinets choose their own materials, saving money and durable.

Daughter: The "custom" cabinets are made of good materials, easy to clean, and ensure the safety of the kitchen.

Expert answers

In fact, both mother and daughter have a certain truth. "Homemade" cabinets are generally consumers' independent choice of materials, which can guarantee the authenticity of the materials. But there are also disadvantages. If you buy the shelves and countertops without special treatment, the cabinets produced cannot guarantee the safety and durability of the kitchen.

The "custom" cabinets mainly use a variety of plates and countertops, which can achieve some special functional requirements according to consumer requirements. For example, some plates are treated with anti-erosion, moisture and high temperature resistance, which is not easy to be deformed and damaged, and it is convenient for consumers to clean up daily; choose a table with a higher hardness to meet the needs of various food processing.

Mother: "Homemade" cabinets follow the principle of enough, eliminating many complicated and useless functional designs.

Daughter: "Custom" cabinets are tailor-made, and they are more comprehensive in terms of humanity and daily operation.

Expert answers

The kitchen is a relatively small space, but it needs a lot of kitchen appliances. "Homemade" cabinets generally only consider the most basic consumer needs-cooking and storage, the overall lack of professional planning, and "custom" in this regard is more carefully considered. Professionals will communicate with consumers in the early stage, and consider the design of users' living habits, space, and functional electrical appliances as a whole. In addition to the emphasis on maximizing the use of space, it also emphasizes the convenience and comfort of daily use by consumers. In this regard, "custom" cabinets are definitely better.

Mother: The processing of the "homemade" cabinets is done at home, and it looks safe and saves money.

Daughter: "Customized" cabinets save effort, save time and cost, and ensure safety.

Expert answers

"Homemade" cabinets are simple in design, and consumers purchase materials themselves and process them on site, so the price is indeed advantageous. However, cabinet making involves a combination of countertops, plates, hardware, and other materials. Procurement by oneself is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and is also prone to quality problems. However, now that the increase of cabinet functions requires higher and higher security, some kitchen appliances, water, and electrical circuits must be designed and installed by qualified personnel in order to eliminate various security risks. Moreover, in terms of after-sales, "customized" cabinets provide a full range of design, transportation, and installation services, and have 3 to 5 years of free warranty service, eliminating worry. Reporter Yang Chaoquan

Reporter's notes

The argument ended in the daughter's victory. Considering the benefits of "customized" cabinets, mother and daughter agreed to buy "customized" cabinets.

I think this is an inconspicuous process in the process of countless home decoration disputes. In the face of advanced technologies and methods, and in the face of trusted stores and brands, why should we argue and even get confused? Yes, don't choose expensive ones.

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