The advantages and disadvantages of various wall paints in decoration

In the living room, people's eyes tend to focus on the wall first. Therefore, the wall is often the focus of home decoration. With the increasing abundance of decoration products on the market, the available coatings for wall decoration are also varied. Which one is better?

Common interior wall paints can be divided into the following categories:

1. Low-grade water-soluble paint

The advantages of this coating are its low price, convenient construction and non-toxicity. However, poor durability and yellowing are obvious disadvantages.

2. Colorful spray

Once sprayed, a multi-color pattern can be formed, which is elegant and three-dimensional. Its advantages are strong oil resistance and alkali resistance, and it can be cleaned with water.

3. Paste interior wall paint

With this kind of coating, the surface after coating is smooth and clean, such as porcelain, non-dusting, non-toxic, odorless, breathable, and inexpensive. However, it has poor temperature resistance and scrub resistance.

4. Latex paint

Its characteristics are mercerized, like silk, strong hiding power, soft and durable color, simple construction, easy to clean.

After you have a preliminary understanding of different products, you may wish to listen to the industry's suggestions. These paints can be used in living room walls. Currently, latex paints are most popular among ordinary consumers.

Because of the large amount of smoke and moisture in the kitchen and bathroom, it is best to choose easy-to-clean wall decoration materials such as glazed tiles, mildew-resistant PVC wall coverings or latex paints.

In short, no matter what kind of paint you choose, you need to consider not only the overall style of your home, but also the preferences of your family members, as well as your own economic circumstances.

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