Look online to see the word-of-mouth under the line to see Shenzhou's first group buy store to open the door

Buying household items, the group purchase price can also be "one for sale." With the opening of Shanghai's first home-buying network store, you can only buy “group purchase price” that can be enjoyed on the Internet only when you “puppet” on the Internet or participate in collective purchases at weekend group purchases. There are only a few brands that are only on the Internet. They are all here. Insiders pointed out that this way of combining the virtual network stores with the actual physical stores is an exploration and innovation of the home improvement sales model.

In the afternoon of August 29th, when the reporter rained to the Shanghai Tuanwang.com home service center at the rejuvenation crossing of South Tibet Road, there was a busy time because there was a “bargaining meeting” for the floor brands at 6 pm and various Samples of flooring samples were laid out in the “bargaining area” and were waiting for a one-time “bargaining division” and participating in the collective “inspection” of group purchase netizens. Wang Yue, a staff member at the scene, told reporters that in addition to the comprehensive group purchases at the weekend, there are often special “bargaining sessions” and “renovation classes” on weekday evenings. The group purchase method is unique in Shanghai.

It is reported that at the beginning of this year, Hangzhou Qijia Group purchased the first pilot network to open 1,000 square meters of offline service centers. Based on the success of the pilot project, this website has also opened a 4,000-square-meter service center in Suzhou, and Wuxi Group-purchasing network has also opened a 2,000-square-meter service center. Shanghai Group Buying Service Center is the fourth physical store under this site.

Special product: word of mouth is everything

At the scene, the reporter saw that in addition to the venues dedicated to holding activities such as “bargaining sessions” and “renovation classes,” the 1400-square-meter exhibition area was the most eye-catching, with more than 100 home and brand centers The real model homes in each exhibition booth range from a few square meters to a ten-thousand square meter. They are regular products and hot products, and netizens can accurately purchase their favorite products. According to staff Wang Yue, these are building materials and household products with good online word-of-mouth, high brand concentration, and high frequency of use by users, all of which are discharged from various elements such as online reviews, complaint rates, and after-sales services of Shanghai Group.com.cn. The top 100 in the standing list of credit standings, netizens can rest assured to buy.

In the exhibition area, “Siemens Switch”, “America Standard Bathroom”, “Roca Bathroom”, “Kang Fai Floor” and “Daikin Air-Conditioner” can be seen by these familiar brands, and some “buy professional brands” who only take online sales routes. It is also here to "put a stall" to accept the netizen's inspection. Like UOB cabinets, before 2006, there was no reputation in the traditional market. After taking the online group purchase route, it was very good on online purchase of group purchases. Now the monthly sales volume has reached more than 500 sets and entered the top five in Shanghai cabinet sales rankings. So far there is only one store on Yishan Road. It is not very convenient for netizens to look at the real thing.

Nowadays, in the service center, not only can you see samples on the spot, but you can also pay orders directly on the online “buy purchase price”.

Special price: only one price

Unlike the ordinary building materials market, the price tag for each brand here has two prices: "market price" and "group purchase price." In the past, group purchase was divided into two modes. One was the spontaneous organization of netizens. After a certain number of people came together, they sent “leaders” to negotiate with the merchants and finally got a lower price. However, this method was not only time-consuming but also labor-intensive. Someone must also be willing to be a “volunteer” to compete with the merchants; the other is to buy on the online platform for group purchase. This method can be bought directly at the “buy price”, but after all, it cannot be seen directly in kind. There is always something to worry about. In the service center, the reporter saw that as long as the application for a dedicated membership card on the spot, even if only to buy one, can also be purchased directly with the group purchase price, not only affordable, you can also enjoy special services.

The "market price" of a certain type of wall tile like "Xinghui Tile" is 18.3 yuan, while the "group purchase price" is only 12.8 yuan, equivalent to 70% off. The on-site staff of "Xinghui Tile" told reporters that in other building materials In the market, they hit a maximum of 25% off, and at the weekend's on-site group buying conference, they also occasionally launched some special products. Like this 18.3 yuan product, they had a special promotion of 7.5 yuan, in the Shanghai market. Absolutely the lowest price. The "Group purchase price" of accessories for "Aikang Water Management" is 6.5 percent of the market price, while there is a lot of money for a supermarket.

Special Services: Customers Are Always God

In addition to low prices, the reporter also discovered a lot of "special services" here. The person in charge of “Aikang Plumbing” told reporters that the users who bought the products in the group purchasing network and this service center sent out the best dozens of installation workers. If the users complained about the problems, they would all solve the problem for the first time. “If you solve, If not, these users will complain on the Internet and my credibility will be reduced, which will immediately affect business.” For Bo's good reputation, “Xinghui Tile” also has its own “special policy”, “General Tiles are out of stock replenishment. It's the consumer's own business. We don't care, but for the users who buy it here, we all donate free services for on-site replenishment and return."

Recently, the government has promoted the promotion policy of fully-decorated houses to encourage the promotion companies to launch new services. An owner of a decoration and design company told the reporter that they not only reduced the decoration costs by 5%-10% of the labor costs, but also paid more attention to the promotion of soft packaging. In addition to traditional decoration and soft-packing services, the designers also took the initiative to provide soft-wear guidance for netizens. “If you don’t feel at ease, you can also use the website’s first decoration and payment service. The owner of the home improvement first pays the decoration money to the website for supervision, and invites the third-party supervision company to supervise the company. During the renovation period, the acceptance of each construction stage must be approved by the supervision and decoration owner, and the website will pay the money for this stage. The decoration company, on the one hand, increases the risk of the decoration company, but it also enhances the public's trust in the decoration company."

Special Stores: Business Costs Reduce by 30%

Although the provision of "special services" has increased the cost, building materials manufacturers have also received a lot of benefits. Many businesses told reporters that their cost in service centers is 20% to 30% lower than in other building materials markets. “If you go to a building materials supermarket, such as B&Q, depending on the location, the entry fee will be 5-10 million, and other expenses such as advertising fees, promotion fees, etc., will be no small numbers every year. In the group buying service center, As long as there are very few rental fees, and the number of orders is not inferior to supermarkets.” The person in charge of “Aikang Water Management” told reporters that they had received more than 100 orders a day at the on-site group buying conference on the weekend. The increase in popularity has in turn led to the sales in traditional markets. Now, in addition to supermarkets such as B&Q, Haomei, they have also entered a lot of building materials markets through distributors and have made famous building materials manufacturers in Shanghai from a small factory.

Home decoration small class

"Telephone consultation" has no practical significance

Before the renovation began, people would often call the decoration company according to the advertiser's phone number and asked the decoration company: "I have a two-bedroom apartment to be renovated. How much does it cost?" From the perspective of the owner, it is certain that the decoration company can report immediately. The last satisfactory price, but in fact the decoration company simply can not answer the above question in a telephone call.

This is not an excuses for the decoration company. In fact, home decoration now emphasizes personalization. The grades, materials, and crafts of decoration are all very different. It is difficult for a truly responsible decoration company to immediately estimate a total price on the phone. On the contrary, if you can immediately report the total price, you have to worry about whether the budget will be exceeded after the renovation starts.

At present, the more feasible method is that the homeowner first of all own the overall requirements and important details of the decoration, be aware of, and then interview the decoration company for one time, so that the other side's designer according to the above points, combined with the actual area of ​​the house and The price level of the material, calculate a quoted price with reference value. The important thing to note here is that this interview is only for consulting prices. The homeowner must not use excuses to refuse to use the other person's decoration services, or he can refuse according to his own wishes.

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